Democrats Look for Presidential Candidate


With the 2016 presidential elections right around the corner both parties are scrambling to find that one person who will not only represent the people, but represent their party and countless other special interest groups. The projected candidate for the party is the ever-popular Hilary Clinton. Clinton has been putting herself in position for a serious run at the presidency since the 2008 elections. Clinton is expected to formally announce her candidacy next month. Other than Clinton the Democrats could be looking towards Joe Biden as a potential presidential candidate. Biden is the incumbent vice-president, but it is likely that Biden will not run at all. He has commented that the field is wide open and this may mean he plans on making another run at the presidency, but he may just be resigned to being Clinton’s understudy.

Clinton was the subject of a highly publicized scandal. The scandal involved her using a private email account instead of the official email account used by all public servants. This would not be a problem usually, but Clinton used this private email in official government business. The Democrats would love to see this scandal disappear, but that is unlikely to happen with a number of lawsuits being brought up in court over the issue. Clinton did hand in over 30,000 emails to the State Department but admitted that she had deleted another 60,000. This is not good news for the Democrats or Clinton, who was already being investigated for her potential part in the Benghazi scandal. At a recent speech made by Clinton she made light of the whole situation and even joked about having a “new email address.”

If Vice President Joe Biden decides not to run for the Democrats presidential nomination, this would be the second election in eight years where an incumbent did not run. When Obama ran and won the presidency in 2008 no incumbent had run. That was because Dick Cheney decided he would not seek his party’s nomination. It could be that Biden would be the parties next best option if the Clinton email scandal really did affect her chances at the presidency. Biden is not a very controversial figure and him receiving the nomination from the Democrats would appear to be a very safe move by the party.

It really would be a mistake to let Clinton just run off with the nomination. The party should at least encourage another candidate to make a run. This way people could see a fresh face in the debates and it would give a strong indication on Clinton’s potential. One name that keeps being thrown around is Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren has championed the fight for income equality in the country and that issue could take her far in a general election. Unfortunately, she has denied any motivation to run for the presidential nomination. While Democrats look for a presidential candidate the Republicans appear to have found one. Senator Ted Cruz has just announced his campaign for president. The Democrats responded by announcing that the man responsible for the government shut down is running for president.

Opinion By James Dixson



Boston Globe

LA Times

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