Donald Trump Considers 2016 Presidential Bid

Trump considers 2016 presidential bidAnnouncement came this past Wednesday revealing that real estate mogul Donald Trump is forming an exploratory committee seeking a presidential bid for 2016, the 4th time since 1999 that he has flirted with the idea.  Trump said in a statement that he had already organized a committee of New York based advisers, and has been reaching out to many states, including Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. In fact, “The Donald” has booked his travel schedule for the next 3 months. Trump will be visiting and speaking in New Hampshire this Thursday.

Although Trump has turned down a renewal for his TV show, something generally unheard of in this industry, his presidential bid is still being met with much skepticism. Perhaps the doubt overshadowing this announcement results from some of his earlier bids, which ended up being mere flirtations.  Adding to the question of his seriousness is the fact that he did the same thing with his show The Celebrity Apprentice back in 2011, causing a large amount of media hype as he almost convinced the public that he was indeed running for office, and then announced that all the speculation has been false and that in fact he was nor running.  This followed past events of the same nature, such as 1999, when he formed his first exploratory committee, and considered running for office as an Independent, and then again in 2004 when he announced that he was “mulling” a serious presidential bid.

Michael Cohen, on the other hand, Trump’s special council commented that he was in fact serious about his bid for 2016 presidency, but declined to provide detail, instead stating that more information will be released later on.  Furthermore, in Maryland, at the Conservative Political Action Conference Trump acknowledged that the general public thought he was doing this for fun.  “I am not doing this for fun,” he counteracted to his audience.  “I am doing this because we have to take our country back.”

“The Donald”, the nickname to which Mr. Trump is often referred, feels that he can make a lot of changes in order to revive the stagnant economy of the United States, by ending “China’s manipulation” of its currency, a practice to which he says Japan is also to blame.  In addition he says that he will bring more security to the border with Mexico.  His views have been known to run counter to the presidential incumbent Obama, and in fact he has agitated many by demanding that the current president provide evidence that he is in fact U.S born.

Trump feels that this is a ripe time for him to seek the presidency, because in his view, the country is in serious trouble.  “I am the only one who can make America truly great again!” he told his audience.  Most voters, however seem to disagree with his assessment as according to the NBC Poll taken by The Wall Street Journal,  nearly three quarters of Republican voters can see themselves supporting his run for presidency.  Indeed, several of the proposals he outlined run counter to his GOP colleagues, including his support for federal single-payer health care, as well has his proposal to have the federal debt paid off by imposing a net-worth tax of 14.25 percent on Americans worth more than $10 million.

Other potential candidates for the 2016 presidential election include, Chris Christy, New Jersey Governor, Marco Rubio, Florida Senator,  Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida, and Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker.  Will Trump join this growing list? Only time will tell.

By Bill Ades

Time Magazine
Photo by vagueonthehow – Flickr License

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