Miley Cyrus Sexy in Black Skintight Outfit

Miley-Cyrus-jumpsuitMiley Cyrus, clad in a sexy black, skintight outfit – a backless jumpsuit, and sporting a pair of white Brian Atwood high-heeled slide sandals, decorated with kisses, exuded full self-confidence as she proudly paraded around West Hollywood. The singer was apparently having a good time, despite news that her boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger, had allegedly been cheating on her while he was on Spring break – a claim which he denies.  Along with the color black, red seemed to be a part of the color scheme of her outfit, as her choice of lipstick matched the decoration on the sandals she chose to complete her outfit.

Shortly before laughing it up at L.A.’s Laugh Factory, the 22-year-old Cyrus, singer of Wrecking Ball, had seen several images, which had been made public, of her boyfriend in an intimate embrace with a mysterious brunette who he claimed was just a “friend.”  While Cyrus took this as an act of disrespect toward their relationship, which probably made her as red as the heart-shaped clutch she sported with her innovative ensemble, rather than show any kind of sadness, anger or resentment, she simply took to partying it up in her skintight outfit. The singer also took to her Instagram account to post pictures of herself enjoying life with her “sexy”friend of the opposite gender.

The skintight jumpsuit outfit which Cyrus donned, and which had been co-designed with R&B artist Jhene Aiko, echoed images of both the 1970’s Olivia Newton John’s portrayal of Sandy in the film Grease, although Cyrus’ was a bit more modified and revealing. The neckline scooped low enough to reveal full cleavage, and the singer’s body was exposed on the sides and back, interrupted only by the thin cross straps of the black Lycra jumpsuit, which continued down her midsection and legs before stopping short before her ankles, with the last stretch of skin capped by her slides, which were more reminiscent of the 1990s.

Her outward appearance clearly demonstrated to all that Cyrus was out to have a good time, rather than showing any concern about what has been circulating around the media.  In fact, Cyrus’ outlook about the whole situation is just as reflective inwardly as it is outward.  Her Instagram, in addition to photos of her with her opposite gender friend, featured some cryptic quotes as well, some which would echo inspirational emails her subscribers would receive in their inboxes.

“Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious,” Cyrus writes.  The singer also posted pictures of herself enjoying margaritas with her mother, Tish.   In an interview with Hollywood Life, Cyrus expressed that she did not appreciate the frat boy behavior that Schwartzenegger displayed. “He’s more mature than that,” she stated. On the other hand, she admitted that she had no problem when they behaved wildly together, including when she kissed girls in front of him or they swam topless together.  In fact, when asked, Cyrus admitted that although she felt “disrespected” by what he did, she was willing to give him a second chance.

By Bill Ades
Hollywood Life
Daily Mail
Photo by: vagueonthehow – flickrlicense

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