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‘Ghostbusters’ to Return In Additional All-Male Sequel



Sony announced on March 9 that the studio would be releasing yet another Ghostbusters film into the franchise, after the previously announced all-female Ghostbusters film was confirmed to be in production. The only difference thus far initially seemed to be that this Ghostbusters film will have an all-male cast to run alongside its counterpart; however, it seems that there are much grander ideas in store for the Ghostbusters team.

Similar to recent financially successful movie franchises such as Marvel and DC’s superhero movies, and the soon-to-be onslaught of Star Wars movies in the making, Sony plans to also go all-out with Ghostbusters. In this, company honchos are hoping to place it in the pantheon of household names yet again. Plans to release two movies are just the beginning of what seems to be an even larger scale operation, as Sony moves to form a Ghostbusters-exclusive production company known as “Ghostcorps”.

Again, similar to Marvel’s successful approach at integrating and crossing over movie franchises, so much as to even delve into TV series crossovers stretching multiple platforms, Sony executives hope that Ghostcorps can do the same thing for Ghostbusters. After years in development hell, with former stars Dan Akroyd and Billy Murray having mixed feelings on a potential Ghostbusters 3 film, it seems that fans will finally get their sequel (and so much more) whether or not they asked for it.

Original Ghostbusters-helmer Ivan Reitman remains hopefully positive on the situation, despite the franchise flickering from the cultural lexicon. After not having released a film in the franchise for 25 years, including the short-lived animated series from the late 80’s entitled The Real Ghostbusters (a title that greatly confused a generation of children), Reitman claims that years of patience and dedication to the idea of the series will undoubtedly result in a project working out. In fact, he is adamant in his feeling that this deal is indeed long overdue.

The previously announced all-female Ghostbusters film, which lead to curious and excited reactions from fans, is set to star a slew of very successful female comedians. These include Bridesmaids stars Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, as well as Saturday Night Live alums Leslie Jones and KAte McKinnon. The new “Ghostbusters for men”, as many critics are referring to it, is expected to star the uber-popular Channing Tatum and possibly even rapidly rising Hollywood superstar Chris Pratt (who is already set to star in a decent handful of movies over the next several years to come).

All casting choices are merely rumors at this point, with several more major actors expected to join the fray in the near future. Sony hopes that, over time, the two movies will be able to cross over with each other in a Marvel: Avengers-style sequel; spawning more Ghostbusters lore to spin a larger story, and even greater franchise possibilities.

It is unclear how (or even if) these movies will tie in at all to the widely respected Ghostbusters films of the past (namely the first installment, as the sequel did not take so well for the public) but one thing is for sure – this will open up all sorts of new doors for both the franchise itself, as well as Hollywood cinematic franchise productions to come.

Written by Kevin Podas



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