Girl Scout Cookies Stolen by Thieves

Girl Scout

Girl Scout cookies were stolen from a six-year old and her veteran dad as the family was enjoying a weekend in downtown, St. Louis. The thieves stole $1,200 worth of Girl Scout cookies from the back of the family’s SUV, which was parked in the Mansion House Garage.  This is equivalent to 150 boxes of cookies. Further, this is the first scouting year for this six-year old.

At this location of their parked vehicle, there was a surveillance camera, however, the camera was not working at the time. It was reported that over 40 cars have been stolen in the downtown area. Since the girl scout cookies were visible through the car window, this was an easy target for the thieves.

Girl scout cookie sales are important to this organization. The money is used to do charity work in the community and other projects. One project done by the girl scouts was spending time with veterans in a nursing home. Another project involved volunteering to fill backpacks with food for needy children.

By Marie A. Wakefield



The Columbian

Photo by sadaqah – Flickr License

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