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Today, the company behind the most widely used search engine on the internet unveiled the latest in their line of computers with the Chrome operating system. Dubbed the “Chromebook Pixel 2,” this new release by Google has a hefty price tag of $999, comparable to that of a MacBook by Apple. It is, however, a significant decrease from the first edition of the Chromebook Pixel, which had an introductory price of $1,299.

Some people have already praised the new edition of the laptop for the new and upgraded features it has to offer. The charger utilizes the USB Type-C port, having same-sized ends on the plug and device connector. This specific type of USB cord is able to charge a computer to capacity in less than 15 minutes, providing battery life that lasts up to 12 hours without the computer having to be plugged in. Hardware-wise, it has a body made of aluminum with a high resolution touchscreen and a keyboard with keys that light up on contact. It also has a relatively light weight, at only 3.3 pounds, making it lighter than other laptops known for being lightweight, such as the MacBook Pro, in addition to having a slim physique, being only 0.6 inches wide.Google

Another thing to note is the increased speed, thanks to 2.2 Intel Core i5 processor. A step up from the 1.8 Bridge Core i5 processor that was used for the original Chromebook pixel. The LS, which stands for “ludicrous speed” according to Google, edition of the new Chromebook has a 2.4 Core i7 processor, which makes it even faster. The LS edition of the Chromebook can be had for $1,299.

While it has found praise, Google has also drawn some criticism for the Pixel 2 as well. Mainly revolving around how the Chrome and Google Cloud operating systems that the Chromebooks function on are very internet-centric. Others have also expressed disdain over the relatively low amount of storage space, 32 GB to be specific. Some have suggested that the laptop will fail, if only because of the high price that is being asked for what is essentially a netbook. Still, others anticipate the release of it and say that they feel it would be money well spent due to the high speed, high-resolution touchscreen and other advanced features the new Chromebook will offer. Google is making up for the low amount of storage space on the computer by offering Chromebook buyers a free terrabyte of storage on their Drive platform to be used within three years of purchase.

In the past, the main source of appeal for the Chromebook was for being a lowly priced, bare bones alternative to other netbooks on the market, so Google making entries into the premium laptop market with their limited operating system has been met with a mixed response. Said decision has been met with some optimism, however. The Chrome OS offers an alternative to the long ubiquitous operating systems Windows and Mac, and one article writer noted that they believe Google is trying to say, “Hey! This is the best and brightest of what can be done with our operating system!” with the release of the Pixel 2. Google has yet to confirm a release date for the new Chromebook.

By Philip Cunningham


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