Guy Sebastian: What Song Should He Pick for Eurovision 2015? [Video]

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With Guy Sebastian set to represent Australia in the upcoming installment of the Eurovision Song Contest, there is heavy debate regarding what song he will pick (or if he will, in fact, pen an entirely new track altogether for the event). Indeed, the 33-year-old Sebastian is seemingly still deciding what to perform, given that it is something of an enormous decision and one that certainly cannot be undone (however, the singer still has a few more days before the deadline comes regarding his song decision).

Sebastian’s choices for performance track are most certainly limited, given that he is not allowed to perform a song of which either has already been released as a single, or that he has been showcasing to the world before September of 2014. Although Sebastian’s most recent album, Madness, was released near the end of November, many of the tracks have either been released as singles already or contain an additional artist’s help on the track. It is not that Sebastian cannot or will not do a duet on his own, as he has covered the parts of said artists during live performances before, but in terms of the key song for Eurovision it does not seem likely for Sebastian to take this path.)

Therefore, it seems (and Sebastian himself hinted that his was the case) that there are only two logical choices to be debated between regarding what song the Mama Ain’t Proud singer will put his full faith into in order to potentially take home the winning title of Eurovision 2015 winner. Based on deductive reasoning surrounding the requirements Sebastian stated were the most important to him in terms of winning over an audience and doing the best he possibly could, these tracks are:

One of Us: This track is a heavy, emotional ballad surrounding the realization one has that they were far more invested in a now broken relationship than the other individual, and are now faced with the traumatic experience of getting over it step by step while the other person seemingly feels nothing and is already over it. It details the agony of one’s extreme effort to not initiate contact or dwell on the situation, even though it is nearly impossible to get through each night knowing that their other half is never coming back. Given that Sebastian has already stated that he will most likely choose a ballad to showcase his voice and bring a true sense of feeling to his performance, it is most likely this song that will be chosen when the singer makes his final decision.

Alive: When it comes to songs that are the epitome of making the most out of life and taking joy in the small things that slowly build up to be the most significant in terms of what matters, this song checks off all the boxes. Many believe that this song would be perfect in terms of coronation effects, as it is happy and lively (as well as easy to learn and therefore sing along to), and would surely bring the audience to their feet in celebration should Sebastian end up taking home the main title. Sebastian admitted that his song choice would either be a power ballad or a fully upbeat track, as anything in between would most likely bring forth a lackluster performance in terms of audience and viewer reception.

Given the parameters that Guy Sebastian set for himself regarding what song he would choose to represent Australia for the country’s first full entry into the Eurovision Song Contest, the aforementioned tracks appear to be the most likely for choices. Sebastian has still not openly ruled out writing a new song for the competition; although, given the extremely small time frame in which to make his decision, this does not seem at all likely as a decision for the singer to make.

By Rebecca Grace


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