Harry Reid Conspiracy Theory: Exercise Equipment or Mobsters


Nevada, Senate Minority Leader (D), Harry Reid, has been injured. He says that he hurt himself with a piece of exercise equipment, but there are people who believe this is just a cover story. Blogger John Hinderaker said that one of his friends was in Las Vegas and several people had said Reid had been bludgeoned by “mobsters” because he did not deliver on a promise.

The chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner, as well as a contributor for Fox News, York, searched Twitter to find out if any other journalists had looked into Reid’s mysterious injuries. Some credible conservative bloggers did not believe Reid’s claims of being injured by exercise equipment. However, accidents associated with exercise equipment are common and the injuries can be serious. Also the “mobster” theory has a few holes in it.

The Las Vegas mob was pretty much disbanded in the 80’s. Also the mobsters would have had to break into a United States Senator’s house, avoid his security detail and then beat him up. That would be quite the feat even for the mob. Also, if the mob wanted something from Reid, it would be more practical to make threats to harm his family or threaten to inform the press about his relationship with the mob.

The media has looked into Reid and his finances, but have not found the smoking gun to destroy him, that the conservatives are looking for. Conservative media seems to have been focusing on conspiracy theories for some time. They have reported on biased polls and believed “Friends of Hamas” was serious. They have accused Hillary Clinton of faking a concussion and believed false reports about Bob Menendez. There were many conspiracy theories around Benghazi and the IRS “scandal.” Conservative media has also had many theories concerning the movie, Fast & Furious, and the death of Paul Walker. The list continues on with conspiracies with birth certificates, false voter fraud, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and ACORN.

Friday, during a segment about Reid’s retirement, it was Rush Limbaugh who doubted the story of his severe facial injuries. Reid said that a piece of exercise equipment broke and damaged his right eye. Limbaugh is not a believer. Limbaugh said unless someone threw him into the exercise equipment, he does not believe it was an innocent accident. According to Limbaugh, he looks like, is acting like and behaving like someone who has taken a beating. Limbaugh continued that he has seen people injured from exercise equipment, but not with the same injuries or have taken so long to heal.

Limbaugh brought up blogger John Hinderaker asking Reid what happened? There are those that believe he had an unfortunate incident with the Las Vegas underground, however, Limbaugh said there was no evidence proving that event had occurred. Saturday, Hinderaker answered to the claim of “no evidence.”

Hinderaker’s friend was in Las Vegas and talked to many people about Reid’s accident. No one believed the exercise equipment story. The overall assumption was that the injury was due to his relationship with the Las Vegas underground. The primary rumor was that he had promised to get something for the underground characters and was unable to deliver. He had a meeting with the shady characters New Year’s Day to admit he was unable to come through with his promise. The mobsters were upset and according to the rumor, Reid said something that was taken in a disrespectful manner and he was then beaten. However, it should be noted that no journalist has investigated this story in any form or fashion.

According to Bloomberg Politics, the media is lazy. Also, media will cover up stories for Democrats and it is for these reasons that the media will not cover a story telling of Reid’s mafia relationships. No one has published medical records. Reid’s office’s statement said that on New Year’s Day 2015, he was exercising with a resistance band and it broke. The next day, Las Vegas Sun’s story printed the story given by the Senator’s office and said that his security detail took him to the hospital. 21 days later, he had a public news conference. This was his first one since the injury had occurred. He stated that when the band broke, he went face-first into cabinets.

Nevada reporter, Jon Ralston has reported on Reid for years and this is what he knows: Reid is heavily into fitness. He had also just moved into his Las Vegas home and had not yet cleared a good space to do his band routine. So, he decided to attach the band to something in the bathroom. The wording keeps changing; exercise equipment, cabinets and something in the bathroom. However, each story states that the equipment broke and Reid was injured.

Reid enjoys telling stories of his close-calls with mafia justice, so he would certainly not allow the cover up of the story telling of his survival of the horrid attack. Instead he is weighted with the embarrassing story of a giant rubber band breaking.

By Jeanette Smith



Bloomberg Politics


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