‘Helix’: ‘Plan B’ or ‘Ding, Dong, Amy’s Dead’ [Recap & Review]



On Helix tonight, Plan B, the CDC scientists who had originally landed on the island of St. Germain to investigate a virus outbreak and discover a cure for it have had several encounters with the very strange and twisted cult members of the island. Sister Amy and her mother, Sister Anne, are vying for control over the island. Landry, Amy’s brother and lover, has had a rather unfortunate adverse reaction to Dr. Sarah Jordan’s spinal fluid. Dr. Kyle Sommer is dying from the virus and must get a remedy from the Bleeding Tree. Spoiler Alert: Amy dies. Ding, to the dong, dong.


Helix began with a baboon being gassed by a gas that “kills everything it touches.” There is a warehouse filled with canisters of the gas, and a military soldier said he would need all of them.

In the Nursery at the Abbey, Peter gently held the baby that he and Anne stole from a mother. Peter had slit her wrists. Peter and Anne talked over their plans. “I will stand behind any decision you make,” Anne said.


“None of them can leave the island,” Peter told her.

“Not even your brother?”

“Especially not my brother,” Peter replied.

Amy and Dr. Julia Walker talked over the new game plan of how to prepare Amy’s body to have the baby placed into her womb. Amy still wants to become immortal, but it sounds like it might take a little bit of time for that to happen.

Alan and Julia meet in a hallway. Alan told her “The last thing that you said was ‘Find me.'”

She admitted that was right. She said that the population could be controlled, rather than eliminated. “What happened to the women that I fell in love with?” Alan asked.

“She became immortal,” Julia answered.

A cult member came across the body of Landry in the hallway, and said “I never liked this one very much.”


Landry was not dead and he rose up and killed the man who had insulted him. He repeatedly beat him until the man was motionless.

On Helix, Dr. Julia then spoke with Sarah and said “You have to trust me.” Dr. Julia planned to place the fetus inside the womb of Amy, not Sarah. Sarah was not overjoyed at the idea, but Jules told her it was the only way to save Sarah’s baby and have it come to term.

Alan told Winger that she needed to contact her superiors soon. Winger said she needed to establish visual contact with them. She looked through binoculars and saw ships approaching. Alan asked her if they were there to save them.

“Just the opposite,” Winger said. “They’re coming to kill us.” Helix went to a commercial break.

When Helix came back on, Alan asked Winger what was going on. Plan A was “to aggressively contain the virus.” Winger told him that Plan B was “to spray the island and kill all life forms on it.” They were supposed to have left long ago.

“Dr. Farragut, we don’t have time.” Winger told him.

Alan said he had four hours left to find a cure. He said that when he did, they could negotiate their way out.

On Helix, a Navy lieutenant told Peter he “had two minutes,” to talk with Kyle. Peter said “The attacks — the illness — you’ve had a lot of bad things happen I guess you know who’s responsible. It’s Alan — he’s behind all of our troubles. He has to be stopped, before it’s too late,” Peter told him.

He released Kyle, and said “Why don’t we keep this between ourselves, okay?” and he left.

Amy told Anne “I’m giving your life purpose. You should be thanking me.” Amy asked her mom if she was angry, and Anne told her no. “I’m just giving you a chance to apologize. You’ve hurt many people. You need to get off your high horse.”

“Just remember — I gave you a chance,” Anne said, as she left Amy. Amy looked puzzled.

On Helix, Sarah and Julia went to where Sergio had fallen and got something that he had. Julia needed whatever it was for some reason.

Alan took a sample of Soren’s blood. He said “My theory is that your blood is unique.”

Alan told Soren he wanted to use his blood along with the sap of the Bleeding Tree. Soren asked how it was unique. Alan said Soren’s blood could be sued to make a cure for Dr. Sommer.

The lieutenant brought Kyle a plate of food. He said “Dr. Sommer, it’s time to eat.” Kyle rose up and attacked the lieutenant, and left. Then. Peter came into the room, and the lieutenant asked him for help. Instead of helping him, Peter got all stabby with a knife, and killed him.

When Helix came back on after a commercial break, Anne came into the room where Peter was holding the baby. Anne asked if the baby was okay, because she had seen blood on Peter. “So, it’s done?” Anne asked.

He told her that it was, then said “Look, the baby smiled at me! Now, it’s your turn.”

On Helix, Winger and Alan came across the body of one of the soldiers hanging upside down, with his intestines spilling out of his body. Alan said he did not think that Kyle had done it. He thought that Peter had.

Winger issued orders to shoot and kill Kyle on sight, though, saying “I’m not going to take any more chances with my men.” Anne told the hanging body “Thank you for your sacrifice. You died to ensure his glory.”

Amy was getting prepped for the surgery. She held Sarah’s hand and said “If anything happens, you’ll never find Mother. I’ve made sure of that.”

Sarah attempted to kill Amy while she was unconscious. Julia stopped her, saying she could not let Sarah kill Amy. “You’ll have to trust me,” she told Sarah. Helix went to another commercial break.

Back on Helix, Anne searched for Landry. “Landry, my sweet boy. You can come out. No one’s going to hurt you.”

“Amy…” he said.

Anne said “Your sister will be your undoing. You have to break free of the hold she has on you.”

“No!” Landry yelled, and attacked his mother.

Amy was asked by Jules how she was feeling. “I don’t feel anything. I don’t feel any pain.”

“That’s because the surgery was successful,” Julia told her, handing her a mirror. Amy’s eyes were silver. “I’m Immortal. That’s what I’ve always wanted to be!” Amy said.

Peter talked with Alan in a hallway. He told Alan “I’m just the errand boy.” He said to Alan that Jules “was in the Botany lab.” Alan went there and called out “Jules! Jules!” Julia was not there, but Kyle was, and Sommer lowered a noose, which he got around Alan’s neck and pulled up on.

When Helix came back from the break, Alan was on his tippy-toes. Kyle said “I’m onto you.”

“You’re sick,” Alan gasped out.

Kyle said “No, my friend — you’re sick.” Kyle told him that he had “plenty of opportunities,” to help but he did not do it.

Kyle accused Alan of working with Michael, and “creating the fungus.” Kyle said “I think I’m going to return the favor, and eat your eyes.”

Amy looked into the mirror and said she did not to ever want to cover up her eyes with contacts or sunglasses. “Where’s Mother?”Julia asked her.

“What do you care?” Amy snottily asked.

Julia threatened Amy and said “Just because you’re immortal doesn’t mean you can’t die.” Jules asked where Mother was and Amy told her.

Soren came to help Alan, and Kyle asked him “Oh, you want to play, too?” Soren stabbed Kyle, and went to free Alan from the noose.

Above St. Germain, planes flew, dropping the poison. “Your legacy is over!” Amy yelled referring to her father, Michael’s, twisted legacy. “And mine is just beginning!”


Everyone outside was dying. The song Somewhere Over the Rainbow was playing. Amy began to choke and her skin melted off. “What’s happening to me?” You cheated me!” she yelled up at the window where Sarah and Julia were looking out. There was a brief flashback, showing that Sarah and Jules had surgically implanted silver contact lenses into Amy’s eyes, rather than making her immortal.

After another break on Helix, when the episode came back on, Peter and Anne were outside, looking at all of the dead. “You did it, Peter,” Anne told him. “You saved the Abbey. Now, you just have to finish the job.” Peter dragged off Amy’s body.

Inside, Alan was on the ground. “You did this yourself?” he asked Soren. Soren told him “yes.”

Outside, Sarah said to Julia “Are you okay?” Julia was coughing. She said that she was okay, but Mother was not. Jules pulled the root stock called “Mother” from the box it was kept in. The poison had killed it.

Ding, dong, Amy’s dead, and Peter has become even more power-mad than ever before. He and Anne want to start their own happy family together, apparently. Landry’s still on the loose, Peter has convinced Kyle that Alan is the bad guy in all of this, Dr. Julia Walker is ticked off that Mother’s dead, and Navy planes have attempted to kill every living thing on St. Germain. Can Helix get even more twisted? Keep on watching, to find out!

Written By Douglas Cobb

NBC Universal Media Village
Helix Official Site (Syfy Channel)

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  2. Why did the writers of “Helix” even bother to bring back Dr. Hiroshi Hatake and Sergio Balleseros only to waste these two great characters in such crappy and insulting ways?

    I thought it was Landry dragging away the angry and deformed, but yet still clinging to life Amy?

    So we are down to the last two episodes of what may end up being “Helix” final season due to the awful ratings, and yet we still don’t know how the immortals actually became immortal, how Hatake ended up on the island, how Alan learn about the island, and its possible significance to Ilaria, or how the virus spreads.

    This series has gone from being twisted and engaging to downright silly and ridiculous.

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