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The Noble Awards were held in Beverly Hills, California on February 27, in order to honor the humanitarian activities of a number of individuals, including Ian Somerhalder, Robin Williams and Paul Walker. All three men received awards for their activism, philanthropic efforts, as well as their overall contributions to help the world. The awards were designed by the young patients of the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, who were also on hand to act as co-presenters. In fact, when Somerhalder went onstage to receive his award, he not only thanked the young girl who created his, but also took the time to remind the audience that she had designed his award.

Somerhalder is known for his charitable work in regards to environmental issues, as well as animal rights. He has his own foundation to help empower and educate individuals, to guide them in ways that help positively impact the world and its creatures. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) is dedicated to changing the planet and helping to prevent cruelty to animals, promote green energy development, create awareness about the dangers of global deforestation, and so much more. The list of current, as well as future projects covers an expanse of problems globally. In fact the ISF is looking towards the future to help bring emphasis to biodiversity, expanded work with energy and also animals. The list of initiatives and projects is truly extensive.

Harold Perrineau, who starred on Lost with Somerhalder, had the honor of presenting the Noble Award for activism in film to his fellow actor and friend. In his introductory speech, Perrineau spoke about Somerhalder’s depth of character as well as his values. This was something that he said everyone in the room demonstrated, and also that everyone should aspire to. Perrineau spoke about the fact that Somerhalder had created a foundation, with his fame, that would address and raise awareness for the issues that mattered the most to him. He spoke of his fellow actor’s work with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, in which he helped with the clean-up. Perrineau addressed Somerhalder’s previous work with 24 Hours of Reality which is Al Gore’s climate project, and the actor’s current work to make a documentary that chronicles Allan Savory’s sustainability methods.

Once on stage, Somerhalder embraced his former cast mate and then turned to thank the two women who were there to bring the award to the stage. The one girl was the patient that had designed the award itself. In his acceptance speech, Somerhalder spoke about the people who bring awareness to special projects, and the voices that make themselves heard, in an effort to bring about change. Somerhalder’s main message revolved around the youth. He spoke about inspiring and empowering the youth in an effort to change the course of history.

Somerhalder expressed his own belief that it was an honor to receive a Noble Award and proceeded to thank everyone for the recognition. The actor also had the opportunity to present an award at the ceremony as well. In fact Somerhalder presented an award to his own fiancee, Nikki Reed, for her work as an advocate for animals and for the work she has done with the ISF.

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  1. clmguest   March 4, 2015 at 5:33 am

    Congratulations, Ian. Another well deserved award for all the work you do to bring about positive change in our world. Thanks for your tireless efforts.


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