ISIS List of 100 Servicemen at Home

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The ISIS “Hacking Division” has propagated the profiles of 100 U.S. servicemen. The profiles include the picture, name, rank and home address of each of the servicemen. This list is to encourage members/supporters in America to assassinate the people on this list. The ISIS Hacking Division claims to have hacked military databases, servers and emails to collect the required information concerning the U.S. Army, Air Force and Navy members. Pentagon Officials and the FBI are aware of the list and this issue is urgently being investigated. NCIS is personally notifying Navy and Marine personnel that are affected by this current propaganda. Also all military personnel are required to ensure their privacy settings on all social media will limit the personal information available to the public.

Most of the service members who are named on the hit list do not feel threatened. Military officials had to contact each of the individuals named on the list. The proposed hit list was posted on a website belonging to the ISIS Hacking Division, telling supporters in America to step up for the cause and assassinate the people on the list. One service member stated that this was just part of a ‘new war’ and the enemy has different tactics and more capabilities than our military has faced in the past.

According to officials, it is more likely that the ISIS Hacking Division put profiles together using information found on public databases. Many of the names listed have been involved in media coverage concerning the airstrikes against the Islamic State. Currently, there is no evidence that government servers have been tampered with in any way. Every name on the list can be found on a website somewhere.

The list includes bomber crews that are based in Louisiana and North Dakota, but are not a part of the ISIS fight. This is all a part of the ISIS propaganda. ISIS propaganda is strong and continues to work. Nine medical students from Britain, five men and four women have crossed from Turkey into ISIS Syria. They claim to be there as medics.

Due to the public threat, U.S. Central Command told personnel to continue on vigilantly at work and on home computers, especially concerning social media. This message was posted on the U.S. Central Command’s Facebook page.

The ISIS Hacker Division left this message, “O Kuffar [infidels] in America, O You who worship the cross, O You crusaders that fight the Islamic State, we say to you: ‘DIE IN YOUR RAGE!’” The group urges American supporters to kill these service members in their own homes or on their own streets. This takes the lone-wolf terrorism threat to an entirely different level. However, these service members are well-trained military personnel that will stand unfazed and ready for whatever is to come.

This is not the first time ISIS has claimed hacking. In January, they hacked into the U.S. Central Command social media accounts. Then sent tweets threatening to attack U.S. personnel. They also changed Central Command’s avatar on Twitter to a masked militant with the legend, “I love you ISIS.” The hackers did not obtain access to confidential information, it was an act of cyber-vandalism.

By Jeanette Smith



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