‘Jihadi John’ Apologizes


Mohammed Emwazi, the recently unmasked ‘Jihadi John’, has publically apologized to his family for the stress and harm his involvement in ISIS has caused them. He shared his apology via a third-party from Syria. He did not mention his crimes, which include the beheading of British and American journalists, but rather apologized to his family for the hardships his involvement in ISIS has caused them back in London.

‘Jihadi John’, also known as Emwazi, 26-year-old computer science graduate from Westminster University of London, says he is regretful of the problems the revealing of his identity has caused his family after becoming ‘Jihadi John’. However, he does not mention being remorseful of any of the barbaric beheadings and other killings he has committed. ‘Jihadi John’ is responsible for multiple beheadings of British and American hostages, including the burning alive of the Jordanian pilot last month.

‘Jihadi John’ was identified as Emwazi a little over a week ago. Originally, officials were hesitant to make his identity public but later decided it would allow people to be able to identify him if necessary. Since his identity was made public, his family, originally from Kuwait, has been forced into hiding. They decided to move back to Kuwait from London for their safety. The family is under constant surveillance by both Kuwait and U.S. government officials.

Kuwaitis are now deeply concerned for their country’s safety. Being so close to the war-torn countries of Iraq, Iran, and Syria, Kuwait is very vulnerable to attacks. U.S. officials are also worried that after this recent unveiling, ISIS recruits may flock to Kuwait, seeing that it may offer them support.

After ‘Jihadi John’ sent his apology to his family via third-party from Syria, officials from Kuwait have told his family they must distance themselves from Emwazi. Jasem, Emwazi’s father first responded to his revealed identity by saying his son was a shameful terrorist and an animal. More recently, Jasem has demanded proof that it is truly Emwazi who is ‘Jihadi John’.

After the unmasking of ‘Jihadi John’ as Emwazi, U.S. officials are worried that more potential ISIS recruits will be able to relate to his personality profile, ultimately encouraging them to join ISIS. On the up-side however, U.S. officials now have a new profile in which they can use to search out any potential terrorists.

Friends and teachers of Emwazi always explained him as shy, soft-spoken, and friendly. His professors and peers at the University of London expressed their shock when the identity of ‘Jihadi John’ as Emwazi was revealed. The University commented by saying that if the allegations are true they are deeply disturbed and shocked.

‘Jihadi John’s’ apology to his family had no mention of regret towards the killings he has been responsible for. His father, Jasem, is extremely ashamed of his son and his lack of regret for the beheadings. As a result, Jasem has chosen to not go to Mosque but pray alone in his house instead. Sources say that he is just too ashamed of his son to pray in public.

Written by Audrey Madden


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Photo by – Zoriah – Creative Commons License

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  1. jth   March 15, 2015 at 8:15 am

    UPI reports that Emwazi’s mother said she recognized his voice from the first beheading video. Strange, then, that the father is asking for further verification. Does he not talk to his wife?

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