Jon Hamm Completes 30 Days in Rehab


Jon Hamm, star of AMC’s hit drama Mad Men, has recently completed a 30 day stint in an inpatient rehab. Hamm went into the rehab to treat his alcoholism. This is not an uncommon trend for many celebrities, as one will hear about a celebrity abusing one substance or another about every month or so. To hear news of Hamm battling alcoholism is a little surprising, though. He is a fairly respected actor, who has been nominated for quite a few awards for his portrayal of Don Draper in AMC’s Mad Men. He has been nominated seven times for his portrayal of Don Draper, but walked away empty-handed every year. This is all coming before the final season of Mad Men is set to air on AMC.

The show that Hamm stars in is Mad Men. Mad Men is about an ad executive working in New York City circa 1960. Mad men was a nickname given to the men who worked in advertisement, usually located off Madison Avenue. The show follows Don Draper, a womanizing alcoholic whose family life is slowly falling apart around him. It would appear that life is imitating art, after the news of Hamm’s own alcoholism surfaced. This new season will be the last for the show that is widely considered to be the best on television.

The news of Hamm completing 30 days in a residential rehab center comes after news of many celebrities who did not seek any kind of help. Harris Wittels was a very promising young talent and executive producer of the hit show Parks and Recreation, and also went to rehab to try to combat his heroin addiction multiple times. However, this did not work out for Wittels, who was found to have overdosed and died in his house last month. Another respected celebrity whose life was cut tragically short due to addiction was Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Hoffman also overdosed on heroin in a hotel room, and was found dead long after his overdose. He also had made a few attempts to curb his addiction with trips to rehab, but it just did not work out for him either. Hopefully Hamm can see these tragedies and learn from them.

Hamm spent time at the high-end Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Connecticut. This is a widely respected program in the country, and is even affiliated with Yale University. Hamm and his family have asked for respect as they move forward through this troubling time.

It is a very respectable thing for anyone to seek treatment when they have a problem with addiction. It can very often be one of the most trying experiences in a person’s life and admitting that there is a problem, and actively trying to find any kind of solution is quite humbling and is not easily forgotten. Asking for the necessary help can sometimes be one the hardest part of the entire process. Hopefully, after completing 30 days in a residential rehab center, Jon Hamm will take the steps necessary to stay sober.

Opinion by James Dixson



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