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Jon Hamm met with reporters as part of an AMC publicity campaign leading up to Mad Men final episodes premiering April 5, a day after news of him completing rehab was released. Jon Hamm talks about rehab after jokingly playing off the question the reporter of USA Today asked.

The news of Hamm being released from rehab broke through TMZs announcement of him checking into a rehabilitation in Connecticut late February. The Emmy award-winning actor continued to cover himself during the interview with the USA reporter stating the information was released by third parties and it was private.

Hamm entered rehab for alcohol abuse it was only known by three people. Page Six received was told from sources that he completed a 30- day program to return to the season finale celebrations. Unfortunately, the actor rebounded at an event in LA and spoke to the public about the causes of his rehabilitation. He speaks on the curve balls of life, but feels fortunate for the support system he has that was able to keep his spirits lifted after he made a slip.

After his first public speech on the days of being rehabilitated Hamm began speaking on the time he spent freely at the MoMA screening. He was not supposed to speak, but sources say he gave a heartfelt speech of many thank you’s to his fellow co-stars of MadMen, and spoke on his life long experience that is now becoming the ending of a new beginning in his life.

Hamm was on the show Madmen for almost nine years, and within the nine years he spoke of the singular experience it has been. The actors character Don Draper was a life-changing experience for Mr. Hamm.  Many will remember him as Draper, although the actor wants to move beyond the character, since his life is the total opposite of the alcoholic struggling actor, that became an overnight sex symbol and made out to be a TV icon. The actor understands Don Draper will always be apart of him and told  Entertainment Weekly he would reminiscence from time to time on the role. He is very excited about the upcoming final season.

Now that Hamm is opening up about his rehabilitation it is easy to understand that he was hit with Hollywood’s case of ” life imitating art.” While it seems that way the actor suffered from a lot of distress during the season. In an article with Esquire in 2014 the sister spoke of his mother dying of a brain aneurysm and suggesting he seek help then. Being the young 20-year-old he was then he didn’t see he had any problems because he was a man who didn’t speak of feelings.

Now that the show is over Hamm tells sources he fears not finding anymore work. With the support group he has he is able to talk about his experiences in rehab which helps keep away from going under again. He now wonders would he ever be taking seriously since he is known as Don Draper rather than the talented actor that he is.

By Krystle Mitchell


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