Kellogg’s Corny the Rooster, Wanted You to Stop ‘Choking the Chicken’


Kellogg’s Corny the rooster, wanted you to stop ‘choking the chicken’ meaning that one of the most famous breakfast corn flakes brands in the world was introduced to the U.S. population with the intention of curbing their habit of masturbation. Corny, the beloved mascot of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, is a green rooster dubbed Cornelius, or Corny, the Rooster.

During the years 1700 to 1800, Westerners openly expressed their disapproval of masturbation. It was considered a taboo and a sinful act. Amidst the establishment of the United States, one of the leading physicians from Michigan promoting his pseudo scientific theories was John Harvey Kellogg. Kellogg was known for his public stand against masturbation. He was mortified about anything pertaining to sex, having the opinion that it was destructive to the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health of a human being.

kelloggHe candidly shunned the act of sex, going so far as to never consummate his marriage. Kellogg and his wife maintained different bedrooms for their entire married lives. All their kids were adopted. According to Kellogg, who was asexual, having sex was repugnant, but self pleasure was worse. He went on to catalog 39 varied symptoms of a person afflicted by masturbation, including weakness, premature development, fluctuations in emotional behavior, indecisiveness, being modest or timid, fearlessness, poor posture, stiffness in joints, a taste for spicy food, pimples, heart palpitations, and even epilepsy.

Kellogg concluded that these ailments caused by people’s wrongdoings could simply be solved by healthy nutrition. His opinion was that meat and various savory or seasoned foods heightened ones sexual appetite. The solution that he proposed for this was plain, bland food, including nuts and cereals. This he said, could restrain a person’s desire for fornication. In this manner, Kellogg’s Corny the rooster, wanted you to stop ‘choking the chicken’, referring that corn flakes, were introduced with the intention of curbing the habit of masturbation.

kelloggThis lead Kellogg to develop various flakes for breakfast made of food grains. He also recommended corn flakes as they were ready-to-eat, and nutritious. He affirmed that his product reduced the sexual desire in a person and served as an anaphrodisiac, thereby considerably diminishing the urge for masturbation. That is how Kellogg positioned corn flakes as an early morning meal which was anti-masturbation.

Kellogg also endorsed further drastic steps for people with habitual masturbation tendencies. For males, he recommended fastening of metal wire made of silver around the penis and foreskin and induce irritation so that erections could be averted. For females, he encouraged, and sometimes engaged in application of an acid called carbolic acid to a woman’s clitoris, which caused severe injuries as it burns human skin on contact. Kellogg also discouraged men from touching a woman’s genitals.

It is very amusing that Kellogg’s Corny the rooster, who wanted people to stop ‘choking the chicken’ implying that the product was developed for curbing the habit of masturbation, is today sold claiming that it is one of the healthiest cereals in the market. Its television commercial also states that it promotes all round physical and mental growth and development of humans.

By Ankur Sinha


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  1. Not Yours to Cut   March 15, 2015 at 5:04 pm

    Um…for males, he actually recommended circumcision to reduce sexual pleasure. You kind of missed that part.


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