Kim Kardashian Gets Exposed Once Again

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If there is one thing that Kim Kardashian will be remembered for fifty years down the road, it would have to be the high number of provocative and arguably gratuitous public displays of her body in the nude. It seems like only yesterday that she gained notoriety for her appearance on the cover of Paper Magazine, yet once again, Kardashian finds herself exposed, only this time at the hands of someone else.

Yesterday, Kardashian reached a milestone in number of Twitter followers – 30 million, as a matter of fact. Her ever-boisterous husband, Kanye West, found it to be cause for celebration, unleashing a succession of several tweets about her. Specifically, West gushed over his luck at having married her and posted photos of her body, which got increasingly more and more risqúe.

With the not-so-subtle caption, “SWISH!!!!!!,” one particular photo tweet by West garnered nearly 10,500 re-tweets and almost 20,000 favorites, further proving that her body is in high demand, with thousands of people clamoring for whatever chance they can take to get a peep. There have been many opportunities in the past to observe her goods, and yet, after being exposed once again, Kardashian is the talk of the town.

One cannot help but to ponder what the cause of the fascination is. Is it to appreciate the photography? Are more people anatomy students than most would think? Is it fantasy or just mere perversion? There could be a plethora of reasons, but one thing that seems to always for sure, when Kardashian makes an appearance in the nude, she makes the headlines, and she certainly does not appear to object either.

It is hard to say whether Kanye had permission to post any of these pics in the first place. It would be wise to assume that the typical person would not approve of someone posting risqúe photos of them for the world to see without running it by them. As for Kardashian on the other hand, she merely responded a few hours later by saying “‘Ummmm how cute is my husband?!?!?!?! Ugh I love him so much!!! (sic),” on Twitter.

All of this comes in the midst of the quest for baby number two for West and Kardashian. “I am so on a mission to get pregnant. I remember growing up being so close with my sisters, so I want siblings for North,” she said in reference to her 21-month-old child, North West, on the 10th season premiere of her E! Network reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She has admitted that West and her are having some difficulty putting a bun in the oven, and that she has been seeing a fertility doctor to find a remedy to the problem.

Whether by her intention or West’s, Kardashian is always finding some way to “break the internet,” so to speak. If because of the actions of her husband, it appears her only reaction is to laugh. Once again exposed, Kardashian never seems to have any problem managing to find some way to get in the spotlight.

By Philip Cunningham


Us Magazine


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Photo: Eva Rinaldi – Flickr License

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