‘Mad Men’ Influences Fashion Designs

Mad Men

It may be Mad Men’s final season, but fashion experts say its influence on designs will last a long time. The hit series has done a lot to rekindle iconic styles of the 1950’s and 1960’s, and modern takes on the vintage lines have been sparking runways ever since the show first aired.

Mad Men, set in the fast-track world of advertising, is set in the early 1960s, but fans have related to it to make it a top-viewed show over the past few years. While those in the real world of ad sales said the show is nothing like the industry, the story line of Don Draper has marked the show for permanent viewership.

Fashion designers took the show as a way to revamp old styles, into new lines, and that they did. From women’s Capri pants, to fitted suits for men, designers continue to roll out fresh designs that go from the series to the stores. Banana Republic has found a forever friend in the Mad Men series. The brand launched Mad Men inspired clothing, with cooperation from the series’ costume designer Janie Bryant, and the brand is available in three fashion lines. The lines reflect Mad Men‘s fashion influence from 1950’s clothes to those worn in the 1960’s.

Mad Men clothing is everywhere from eBay to Etsy. There are numerous online stores with clothes and accessories to get the vintage look. Fashion is not the only thing the popular television series has inspired. It also is credited with bringing inspiration to cocktails, specifically martinis, cigars, and television dinners. There are at least 57 pins on Pinterest related to creating a Mad Men theme party.

Meanwhile, the cast decided to wear more modern trends when they attended the AMC Black and Red Ball last week in Los Angeles. The ball marked the cast’s celebration of shooting the final seven episodes of the series. Actor John Hamm said fans wanting more of the show will just have to watch reruns. He said there will not be a movie made, as others have done with shows that have ended their run. Hamm said this particular show worked best for television.

There are very few clues on how the show will actually end. One thing all those associated with the show have made clear about the final episode, is the show will not end with a suicide of someone jumping out of a window. While the opening credits contain that theme, director Matt Weiner said he never thought of using it in the show. He said the opening suggested more of an internal struggle than a literal action. Weiner said he recognized the cultural impact of the show and knows it will be missed. He said he is proud of the series, which is in its seventh and final season.

Mad Men is set to air its final episode on June 23. Designers plan on continuing to use the colors and styles of the look, as influenced by the Mad Men series, as long as the public is buying it. Since hundreds of businesses are now marketing the look, interest is predicted to stick around for a long time.

By Melody Dareing


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