Michelangelo’s Documents Held for Ransom

The Vatican announced just three hours ago that they received a ransom note of over 100,000 euros for the return of two documents written by famed sculptor Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti. Father Federco Lombardi, official Vatican spokesperson, confirmed the theft and ransom note, stating that Cardinal Angelo Comastri was offered back the letters for the asking price, but refused the ransom.

The Michelangelo articles were also publicly confirmed by the Vatican to be missing for twenty years to date. Lombardi said a nun at the Vatican informed her superiors of the missing letters in 1997. As of right now the Vatican has not given a reason to why they have only just acknowledged the theft.

The culprit was only described as an ex-Vatican employee who stole the Michelangelo letters from the Fabbrica di San Pietro archives. The Vatican police are currently investigating the theft, along with the help of Rome police.

One of the letters is rumored to be signed by Michelangelo as well. No further details were given about the letters besides that they were blueprints for the largest church ever built, completed in 1626.

By Danielle Kral

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Photo by Marco Magrini Flickr Page- License

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