‘Millennium Series’ Book Four Premiers New Author (Preview)


The Millennium Series, made famous by author Stieg Larsson, is set to have book number four released, this time by a new author. Larsson is the creator of the world famous Millennium Series about a hacker with mental health issues and an investigative reporter joining forces. The three original books penned by Larrson were released shortly after the man’s death at age 50. This new author who continues the series is named David Lagercrantz, and is titled The Girl In The Spider’s Web.

The book series has seen all three best selling books made into films in Sweden, as well as an American remake of the first of the series called The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Since Larsson’s death in 2004, the rights to continue the author’s legacy has seen multiple parties engaged in court battles. Larsson’s longtime romantic partner, Eva Gabrielsson, and the gatekeepers to the author’s estate, Larsson’s father and brother, have fought for years over who owns the rights to the Millennium Series. Recently, the estate holders won the right to publish sequels in the series.

Lagercrantz, known for his work in crime journalism and being a novelist, was assigned the task of expanding the world of Millennium, by Larsson’s publishing house. Though the beginnings of a fourth book were found on the late author’s computer, Lagercrantz opted to create a new book from scratch. Some wonder if this new author will be able to fill the mammoth sized shoes left behind by Larsson in creating a fourth book to a world popular series.

The books revolve around a brilliant hacker named Lisbeth Salander, and a famous investigative journalist named Mikael Blomkvist. The series is well known in the literary world for it’s brilliant narrative and engaging plot, though some remember it for reasons more shocking. For instance, when readers are first introduced to Salander, she is on a form of probation, in which the government has complete control of her financial assets, and must request funds whenever she needs her money for something. She is assigned a new probation officer, due to her former guardian falling ill, and this new guardian is a twisted man. She is forced to perform sex acts to receive the money she has earned, and in a later encounter is handcuffed to a bed and raped.

Shocking stuff indeed. What becomes clear to readers or viewers of the films is that Salander is not the type of girl to just roll over and run away with her tail stuck between her legs. She gets her revenge on the man in a way that is as gruesome as it is beautifully justified. She teams up with Blomkvist to investigate the disappearance of a wealthy man’s 20-year-old niece, and comes to find a serial killer is involved in the whole mess. The second and third books deal with how Salander came to be who she is, and using Millennium’s resources to uncover a conspiracy so true to what goes on throughout the world’s governments that it hits many people right to the bone.

This latest entry in the Millennium Series is sure to be a well written dive into a world of characters that has been celebrated the world over. Between the characters of Salander and Blomkvist there exists enough intriguing possibilities as to what kind of trouble they can get themselves into, that despite being authored by someone other than their creator, the literary world is ablaze with excitement. Should this new author of the fourth Millennium book mess things up by delivering a sub-par sequel, it could mean the end of a career. That is how beloved the Millennium Series is, that between fans and critics, a bad book written in another person’s created reality can make or break a promising writer. The Girl In The Spider’s Web is set to be released in hardcover this September.

Review by Benjamin Johnson



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