Nascar Driver Car Lost and Found


Nascar driver, Travis Kvapil, lost his car, and police found it in Georgia. The stealing of the car left Kvapil and his team, the No. 44, no other choice other than to withdraw prior to qualifying for the Nascar race at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Police were able to acquire footage that establishes that the event took place around 5:34 a.m. at the Drury Inn’s parking lot in Morrow, Georgia. The pickup and trailer transporting the Nascar car were removed from the parking lot a few hours before Kvapil was to go to qualifying at the race track. The trailer stolen had racing equipment estimated at $17,500 and a spare engine estimated at $100,000 in it.

Police in Loganville, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta, recovered the car. Gwinnett County Police spokesman stated that a driver phoned in communicating they saw the car near the intersection of Pate Road and Lenora Road near Loganville on Saturday at 2:30 a.m. The police responded to the call, found the lost car of Nascar driver Kvapil, and took possession of it. The car was not far off the road in an area of grass. The spokesman further stated that some strapping and a couple of ramps were the only evidence left at the area.

Kvapil, his crew, and owner were happy to get the news that the No. 44 car, estimated at $250,000, was found and looked undamaged. The police confirmed that they have a person that they will be questioning about the stolen property.

The pickup truck stolen was found in Stockbridge, Georgia by a driver passing by it. The trailer is still at large. Cohen, the owner of the car, was breathing a sigh of relief that the car, which is his best car for speed in his collection, was located. Cohen stated that all the time invested in the car and the car’s speed is priceless. This helps the team who does not have a high budget to move forward to the race in Las Vegas coming up.

It seems that the Nascar race at the Atlanta Speedway was not without further issues. Thirteen Nascar drivers, including Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, and Jimmy Johnson (all of whom are champions of the Sprint Cup in the past) were disqualified before they even had a chance to race. All the cars did not pass inspection in time for the race on Friday.

Nascar even gave the teams an extra 15 minutes to complete the inspections, and it was just not enough time for them. Gordon, who is retiring from Nascar after this year, was not happy about the decision and it placed him towards the back of the pack for the race. Stewart was even more upset about the decision than Gordon because he actually started the race almost last. He stated that all the work they did to get ready for the Nascar race was pointless.

Kvapil was not able to race before the qualifying started at Atlanta Motor Speedway because the Nascar driver’s car had been lost and then found. The No. 44 team is ready to move on to Las Vegas.

By Michele Enli


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Photo by Roger Blake – License

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