Nigeria Defeats Boko Haram Terrorists

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Nigerian troops finished their job in Madagali, by clearing out what was left of the Boko Haram terrorists that had held the town. A major General, Chris Olukolade announced this development via a press statement where he said, “No causalities in the Nigerian forces, be they Army, Air Force, or other security agencies.”

Started on February 14, 2015, an operation began with the specific intent to eliminate Boko Haram terrorist cells that had taken up arms in multiple Nigerian cities. During the past six weeks of the clean out operation, over six areas, as well as Madagali have been cleared of the terrorist presence.

To the victor goes the spoils in the war. Through eliminating the Boko Haram terrorist positions, the Nigerian army has recovered large amounts of supplies that can help fund and feed not only a terrorist operation, but the Nigerian Government forces as well. Over 60 various types of firearms were collected from the terrorist camps that were eliminated, along with multiple vehicles, motorcycles, and¬†Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s).

By Benjamin Johnson



Photo by Amanda Oliveira¬†–¬†Flickr License