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Zayn Malik has had a heck of a time in 2014. True One Direction fans have felt the slight unease brewing amongst the band. When Rumors began to spread about a picture taken of him holding hands with a mystery blonde who was not his fiance Perrie Edwards, the tension could be cut with a knife, says New York Daily News. Another source from The Sun proclaims it to have been much harder on Malik than the rest of the group to handle being in the spotlight, having access to any and everything and all the attention and fame. It’s clear that when the photos of Malik and his mystery woman surfaced, he went from going with One Direction then changed to done.

Being considered the “Bad Boy” of the band,  he is reported to have left due to stress, says The Mirror. It is reported that in Hong Kong he bailed and fled back to the UK to be with his “family”. The Spokesperson of One Direction stated, “Malik has not been all there for a while,” and felt it was best for him to go back home. One Direction as a band sent out a press release soon after departure wishing him the best as they gear up to head to Manila Jakarta. The Mirror reports on Malik, stating he is hopeful to return by March 28, in South Africa, which he would have by then missed three tour dates in Asia.

There are many reasons why bands break up whether its creative differences or the band being so good in the case of rocking out that they may become complacent and say screw it. Other times it can be boiled down to just not getting along. Its clear with One Direction that the scandals surrounding a member of the band have created such an environment that working things out for the greater good of the group was not the option chosen in this chain of events. In November following the leaked pictures, Malik missed a Today Show appearance with the band due to an intense stomach ache. Matt Lauer asked the available members of One Direction if his absence was related to any of the substance abuse claims but both Malik and the band members deny such allegations.

As of right now the notorious band of our time which currently consist of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson are said to be understandably “stunned” by  Malik’s behavior. Towards the end of last year up until now but are “supportive” of the decisions that Malik has made for himself. There has been a video floating around which originated mid October of 2014 in which Malik and fellow One Direction member Tomlinson smoking marijuana. Now they are being asked to post bonds worth nearly $5,000 each prior to One Directions scheduled Manila performance this weekend, which Malik obviously is not going to take part in any way.  “The condition that has been set forth intends to ensure the safety and what’s best for public interest should the band members commit any violation during their stay in the Philippines,” says a spokesperson for the Philippines.

Written by David Alen Diggs Jr.


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