Suge Knight Unconscious Following His Collapse at $25 Million Bail Hearing


Rap mogul Suge Knight is currently unconscious, after the judge set his bail at $25 million dollars, where he then collapsed at his hearing, hitting his head. Knight was immediately rushed to a hospital by ambulance. While no further reports have been released of his condition after the fall, his lawyer is currently aiding him, even in his absence. Outraged at the $25 million dollar bail, attorney Matt Fletcher is hoping to get his client better results at the next hearing. After Knight’s fall, the preliminary hearing is set to be held on April 13, regardless of Knight’s health condition at the time.

Marion “Suge” Knight was accused of running down two men in his truck. According to the charges he was seen having an altercation with the men, after filming a commercial for his film “Straight Outta Compton.” The two men, Terry Carter and Cle “Bone” Sloan, were allegedly run down by the rap mogul, with Sloan getting severe injuries and Carter receiving fatal injuries. Knight faces charges for assault with intent to kill and now, after Carter’s death, murder. The record producer had pleaded not guilty by all charges.

The case seemed as if it had taken a turn, as Sloan stated to his lawyer, earlier in the week, that he had assaulted Suge during the confrontation and that Suge never got out of the car. However, that did not help much with the charges as assault from behind the wheel is exactly what Suge is facing charges for. However, this allowed Fletcher to defend his client by stating that he was simply defending himself in an assault in which he had alleged that he did not know if the victims were armed. But Sloan stated that after the confrontation he walked away, at which time Suge supposedly began driving his truck and ran down both Sloan and Carter.

He was currently being held without bail, until the courts decided that he could not legally be. Prosecutors gave the judge at the bail hearing 295 pages worth of documents, in which they worked to prove that the defendant was a “career criminal” and a violator of parole and probation, back to the year 1987. They said that they believed that Knight was incapable of stopping his violent and criminal actions. The judge apparently agreed as he set the requested bail of $25 million dollars, after which Suge Knight fell unconscious, following collapsing and hitting his head.

According to sources though, this is not the first time that the record producer has had to be taken to the hospital after a court appearance. The Los Angeles Times stated that attorney Matt Fletcher said that making hospital visits after hearings has happened before, though they did not state any specific reason as to why he had been seen in the hospital any of the other times. It is also unclear as to exactly why Suge collapsed this time, rendering him unconscious. However, statements regard that it could simply be the stress of the case.

If Knight is found guilty this time, he could face decades in prison. California’s three-strikes law provides that a criminal can not commit felonies three times, or else they face possible prison time. As Suge has been convicted of assault with a deadly weapon before, a new conviction could land him behind bars. The murder charges, obviously, also mean that if convicted he will be put in prison. No statements have been made yet about the possibility of the death penalty. Once Knight does become conscious again he will still have to worry about that $25 million bail, until the case continues on April 13.

By Crystal Boulware


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