Pamela Anderson Granted Restraining Order Against Rick Salomon

Pamela Anderson

On Friday, not long after Pamela Anderson filed for divorce from her husband, professional poker player Rick Salomon, the former Baywatch star was granted a restraining order against him. She has accused him of abusing her, trying to smother her with a pillow during sex, and calling her abusive names, according to People and other media sources. In Nevada on February 18, 2015, Salomon filed for an annulment.

Pamela Anderson, 47, has been married four times, once to Tommy Lee from 1995 to 1998, once to Kid Rock from August 2006 to February 2007, and twice to Rick Salomon. She had two sons with Tommy Lee, Dylan, 17, and Brandon, 18. Salomon has also been married four times.

Pamela Anderson’s relationship with professional poker player, Rick Salomon, has been a rocky one for a long time now. Salomon was first married to Pamela Anderson on October 6, 2007, but that marriage was later annulled. Then, the couple got married for a second time on January 9, 2014. On July 3, 2014 Anderson, according to Us Weekly, filed for divorce from Rick Salomon six months later, but she decided not to follow through with that request.

Pamela Anderson has accused Salomon of exhibiting a pattern of abuse. She claimed in her request for the temporary restraining order that Rick Salomon’ behavior, in her words, “has caused me to fear for my safety.”

One of the examples that Pamela Anderson alleges occurred in the court documents was that Rick Salomon tried to smother her this past January during sex by putting a pillow over her face. TMZ reported that the legal documents also purport that Salomon had spit on Anderson’s face and had attempted to strangle her. Pamela Anderson also alleges in the request for the temporary restraining order that Rick Salomon calls her terrible names when he gets angry with her after losing at poker, such as “crack whore,” and “ugly old b***h.”

Former Playboy model Pamela Anderson alleges that Rick Salomon had been sending her a series of harassing text messages and emails previous to her filing for divorce. In one, which Anderson was allegedly sent by Salomon on March 3, he called his wife a “cutter.”

Rick Salomon also accused Pamela Anderson in a text message of being a “serial baby killer” who had gotten pregnant when she was married to Kid Rock, possibly twice. He added that Anderson “should be locked up.” Salomon allegedly has claimed that Pamela Anderson begged him to get her pregnant, as well, and that she had an abortion after she had conceived.

In another email that Rick Salomon allegedly sent Pamela Anderson, he accuses her of “fraud,” because she enjoys eating fish and had cooked and eaten fish in their house. In the email, Salomon stated that he hated “the smell of fish,” which he claimed makes him “want to vomit.”

Pamela Anderson further alleges in the court documents that her soon-to-be ex, Salomon, sent her nude photos of herself that had been supposedly taken without her consent. Anderson claims that Salomon sent her the photos as proof that he could send them, in her words, “to anyone if I did not do what he wants.” She further alleged that Salomon sent her business manager and her driver the text messages and nude images.

The temporary restraining order prohibits him from sending her any further text messages and emails. In the court documents, Pamela Anderson also asserts that Salomon has tried to inhibit her access to their shared money.

Rick Salomon is reported to have a net worth of $16 million, which is three times more than the net worth of Pamela Anderson. In the court documents, Pamela Anderson states that Salomon is “financially abusive,” and “controlling,” and she requests “a spousal support award.”

Pamela Anderson requested that the “spousal support award” be commiserate with the sort of lifestyle she had grown used to during their marriage. This “high standard of living” includes having the financial means to buy expensive vehicles and take several domestic and international vacations.

According to Access Hollywood, on Saturday, March 14, the attorney for Pamela Anderson, Fred Silberberg, stated to them that Anderson wants “to resolve the issues surrounding her divorce in a peaceful manner.” He added that “Mr. Salomon apparently is not of the same mindset.” Silberberg asserts that Salomon has not come forward “to sit down and discuss the resolution of this matter,” and stated that he is still “engaging in conduct that caused Ms. Anderson to seek protection from the court.”

Also on Saturday, Richard Schonfeld, the attorney for Rick Salomon, sent Access Hollywood a statement. Schonfeld stated that his client is “not in a position to make any comment,” because Salomon asserts that he has not been “served with the application for the protective order.”

Pamela Anderson was granted a restraining order against her soon-to-be ex husband, Rick Salomon, on Friday, March 13, 2015. The couple are currently in the process of getting a divorce, after having been married twice. April 3 is the next scheduled court date regarding the case. Updates will follow as further information becomes available.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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