Republicans Are Not the Only Option


Today, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz announced his bid for president in the 2016 election. During his announcement, he gave an impassioned appeal to, of all people, Christian conservatives. Seeing how damaging it has been to mix religion with politics in the past, this is very troublesome. Many feel that Republicans are the only option, especially after the disappointment many felt in regards to Obama, but the “Grand Old Party” as they have dubbed themselves are not even close to being the best substitute.

To begin with, Cruz had a misstep right out the door by prioritizing the religious right in his speech. What purpose does prioritizing them serve? It was nothing more than highly biased favoritism on his behalf. Suggesting that they make up a large part of the political lifeline in this country, Cruz said, “Imagine instead millions of people of faith all across America coming out to the polls and voting our values.” His campaign does not appear to have most American citizens in mind. It appears that he has more interest in spreading a Christian-based Republican agenda than anything.

Another reason why Republicans are not the ideal option is that they have a tendency to twist facts if only to fulfill their own self-serving prophecies. For example, a bill was recently introduced with the goal of shooting down Obamacare. They backed up their logic with a suggestion that millions of people who already had medical insurance lost it when Obamacare went into effect. This was quickly proven to be false information, in addition to the suggestion that Obamacare was going to damage the economy. Suffice to say, it appears that the root of their hatred for Obamacare is all about hatred for Obama and the left wing and nothing more.

It should be noted that it is hard to find a good alternative, in an era where politics is more polarizing than ever. Even the Democrats are far from perfect. While Republicans respond to just about any and everything “Obama” related with scathing criticism, many Democrats turn a complete blind eye to the issues. Many refusing to say anything negative about Obamacare even if the drawbacks of it have been slapped across their faces (see: election losses in 2010 when it was first implemented). There are many third parties to choose from, but these unfortunately do not have the same amount of notoriety. They get lost like tiny islands in a sea dominated by Republicans and Democrats.

The disappointment and frustration that many have with Obama and the current administration is completely understandable, but the thing that is not understandable is how many people feel supporting the Republicans instead is the only option they have. In a time where many groups like the unemployed and the middle class need more help than ever, the last thing people need is someone who believes targets his interests on Christian conservatives before anything. What the country needs is not someone who is necessarily a Republican, what the country needs is someone who has taken the best interests of everyone to heart.

Opinion by Philip Cunningham


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Photo by: Michael Vadon – Flickr License

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