Sex With Your ”Aunt Flo and Cousin Red”


Sex with your ”Aunt Flo and Cousin Red”, meaning copulation during a woman’s menstrual cycle, could act as an anti-depressant. One of the most vividly remembered scenes from the paperback version of E L James’ blockbuster novel; Fifty Shades of Grey, was never shown in the movie version. It had to be edited out. For those who are yet to read the book, this could give you a sense. There is a scene in the book when Christian Grey asks Anastasia Steele if she was still on her period. He then goes down and yanks out her tampon, just before they have sex.

The tampon scene, as per the director, was never considered and not even discussed. So, movie goers missed out on one of the most erotic scenes of the book when Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson played the parts in reel life. Many other scenes from the novel were included in the movie, like the one in the Red Room of Pain. Whatever the critics might say about the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, it has definitely started a dialogue about various real life aspects of people’s sexual lives. Aspects that have been kept under wraps, and not discussed openly which has given sex a whimsical, unrealistic, and almost puritan imagery in modern-day cinema today.

sexFifty Shades of Grey does falter in many facets, especially while depicting unrealistic sexual aspects of the story. However, the author has also strived to highlight some of the regular and familiar sexual issues between the characters. One of the topics considered a taboo in the developed world today, is period sex. Though period sex is still one of the forbidden subjects for films and books, it is a reality for majority of people with active sex lives.

Doctors have unequivocally given their approval to sex with your ”Aunt Flo and Cousin Red”, referring to having coitus during a woman’s menstrual cycle as it could play a vital role in increasing the intimacy between partners. According to the experts, period sex can be a splendid experience in spite of all the ignominy and embarrassment felt about it. Some of the most common fallacies about period sex are that it would spread blood all over, that it makes the cramps a lot worse, and that it is tacky.

A little bit of fact check here could be a lot of help for couples and their sex lives. As per the experts, there are numerous reasons why couples should consider having sex during days of the woman’s menstrual cycle. For one, sex can reduce the amount of intensity of the cramps during periods. It can reduce the number of days of menstrual bleeding and also helps women reach orgasm faster and almost effortlessly. This could be triggered as a result of the stimulation and increased sensitivity felt by women during their menstrual cycle. Sex with your ”Aunt Flo and Cousin Red”, implying that having intercourse during a woman’s menstrual cycle lessens the risk of pregnancy as well. However, basic precaution is advised as sperms have a lifespan of up to 72 hours.

By Ankur Sinha

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