Putin Admits Plans to Annex Crimea in Television Documentary

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putinRussian President Vladimir Putin has now admitted for the first time that he plans to annex Crimea, meaning Russia’s land mass and political influence will creep further West, into eastern Europe. According to official reports, Putin’s plans for the annexation of Crimea was ordered week before the referendum on self-determination was set to go to a vote.

Ukrainian forces have been fighting Russian-backed separatists since last year. The separatists have seized and taken control of may towns along the eastern border.

President Putin stated in a documentary called Crimea: The Road to Motherland, to be aired on state-run television programs, namely Rossiya-1, that he had ordered to plan on “returning Crimea” to Russia to start, during a long meeting that took place on February 22.

The meeting was originally scheduled to plan the rescue Viktor Yanuovych, Ukraine’s ousted president. President Yanuovych was deposed last year after protests regarding Crimea’s deliberation whether to join Russia.

The first official trailer for Putin’s documentary was broadcast last night. Though, the official release date of the documentary has yet to be announced.

By Alex Lemieux


BBC News

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