‘SPECTRE’ Trailer Brings James Bond Back to Life



The teaser trailer for SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion), James Bond’s twenty-fourth film brings the Ian Flemming character back to life. James Bond is one of the most recognizable names in cinema history, with 24 films and multiple actors playing the character over the decades. Actors such as Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan have been Bond in incarnations past. This is the fourth film that actor Daniel Craig has played 007.

SPECTRE is the criminal organization that is behind most if not all of Craig’s problems in the films, as well as every other actor’s missions in the past. Though referenced in the recent Bond films, it is an organization that has not been officially name dropped on film since 1971’s Diamond Are Forever. Despite being the hand pulling the strings of various criminal enterprises the world over, they had done a brilliant job of remaining hidden. SPECTRE is the hidden power behind the veil.

In the trailer for SPECTRE, audiences are given a number of cryptic messages and men covered in shadow. The film appears to revolve largely around Bond’s past and a secret that Bond has that hardly anyone knows, that Bond apparently was temporarily adopted by a member of SPECTRE. When Bond tracks down his former guardian, who appears heavily aged and haggard, Bond brings up the man’s allegiance to SPECTRE.

Bond gives the mysterious character a ring with an insignia on it, that of an octopus, the symbol of SPECTRE. After getting the ring the man delivers one of the best analogies to Bond’s current investigation that lets Bond know just how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to SPECTRE. The man says, “You’re a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr. Bond.” The trailer ends with the appearance of a man believed to be the head of SPECTRE, telling Bond, “Welcome James, it has been a long time. Finally, here we are.” The trailer for SPECTRE brings James Bond back to a life he had never realized existed.

Though covered in shadows, audiences can see that the villain is a man with a full head of hair, much unlike the former representation of the organization’s leader. In past incarnations, the leader was bald. The change in appearance is because of the Austin Powers franchise. Dr Evil’s appearance and character was directly inspired by the Bond films. Had makers of the most recent 007 film stayed with that appearance, audiences were thought to not take the evil organization seriously. The shadowed character has a quite distinguishable voice, however, that of Oscar winner Christoph Waltz.

Bringing Waltz into the project shows signs of brilliance on the casting director’s part. Considered one of the most talented modern film actors, Waltz won multiple Oscars and Golden Globe awards for best supporting actor for his performances in recent Quentin Tarantino films. Speculation regarding his role in the newest Bond film other than being the head of SPECTRE, is that Waltz’s character may be Bond’s adoptive brother.

Poor Bond, the fictional character certainly has had a rough run of things lately. He fell in love during Casino Royale, only to be forced to watch as his love drowned to death even though he was trying to save her. He has been shot, disowned multiple times by MI6, and in Skyfall was forced to blow up his ancestral home in Scotland. Now it appears as though his initial placement in MI6 may have been orchestrated by the hidden powers that be, which is headed by his brother. This teaser trailer for SPECTRE brings the character of James Bond back to life in the film world, though this may be the film where Bond is unable to survive.

By Benjamin Johnson



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