Shooting Chaos on Spring Break


Friday night into Saturday morning proved to be a more eventful Spring Break than party-goers had intended. There were several calls concerning shooting, guns and drugs proving to be a chaotic 24 hours.

Multiple 911 calls came into the Bay County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) just before 1:00 a.m. Saturday concerning a shooting on Thomas Dr., Panama City Beach. The BCSO Criminal Investigations Division deputies and investigators responded and found seven shooting victims at the scene.

There were injured bodies everywhere. Three of the victims were found in the home of the party, one was found in front of the house, one was in the median of Thomas Drive. The last two were found across the street from the house party.

Most of the victims are students visiting from Alabama’s A&M University for Spring Break. The victims have been identified as, Anesia Powell (20), Kearria Freed (20), Jacole Young (22), Devanta Moore (21), Tykeria Ethridge (22), Kelli Curry (21) and Henton Franklin (22).

Kearria Freed was shot in the head and is in critical condition. Anesia Powell has been shot in left arm, chest and knee. She is in surgery at a local hospital. Devanta Moore was shot in the chest and is in critical condition. Jacole Young was shot in the back three times and is in stable condition. Kelli Curry was shot in the leg. Tykeria Ethridge was shot in the neck and shoulder. She posted on Facebook that she was an innocent victim. She did not think she was going to make it through. Henton Franklin was shot in the side and is also in critical condition.

After a description was compiled of the suspect and a perimeter was established, a black male fitting the description of the suspect was found and detained at Beach Drive and Hurt Street, quickly. Witnesses confirmed the suspect as the shooter. The shooter was identified as David Jamichael Daniels, 22 of Mobile, Alabama. The chaos began to come together and the situation was coming to a close with the arrest of Daniels.

The .40 caliber handgun used in the shooting was found in the back yard of a home on Beach Drive. David Jamichael Daniels was charged with attempted murder in seven counts and is currently being held at the Bay County Jail. The shooting came after a Thursday hearing with neighbors requesting the city ban drinking on the beach. This is an area where spring breakers gather and party.

This shooting was the sixth gun related call received Friday night, into Saturday morning. A gun had been discharged in a condominium, in one call. Four guns were seized in a drug case as well. This Spring Break chaos was only a piece of the night’s events. The sheriff’s department was kept busy among the continued chaos.

Sheriff Frank McKeithen gave a statement. He warned that there have been troubling times; there are the college kids who come for Spring Break and there are those who come to Spring Break because of those college kids. Those individuals take advantage of the chaos, and the drinking. Because of these factors, these college kids are not aware of their surroundings enough to protect themselves.

By Jeanette Smith


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