State Funeral Held for Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser

Malcolm Fraser

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser state funeral was held in Melbourne, after the 84-year-old’s passing from a brief illness on March 20. f Widowed Tamie Fraser and the couple’s four children sat in the front pews next to the casket embellished by the Australian flag at the end of the alter. Many former Australian leaders and prime ministers across the world paid their respects at the Presbyterian church. According to sources police said 2000 people mourned outside the church watching the telecast at St. Micheal’s.

The ceremony began in a carol prelude followed by the national anthem. Former Prime Minister Peter Nixon, Fraser’s longtime colleague, presented the eulogy stating Fraser as a remarkable man.  Fraser was remembered for his passionate post-political life of indigenous welfare and humanitarianism. Mr. Nixon remembered him as fearless and dedicated.

Fraser led the nation for eight years in 1975-1983. He became prime minister by the government due to a dismissal of Gough Whitlam over a budget halt. He won three elections during his time in office within the Liberal Party.He was a leader during the most toughest time of the nation and the only hate he obtained during his reign were policy issues, Peter Nixon tells BBC. After leaving the office, he was a committed critic in his party of the policies made for the refugees and Indigenous Australians until 2010.

He did not only touch the hearts of the citizens and colleagues, his family had many notable memories as well. Rachel, speaks of her grandfather at the state funeral for the Australian prime minister about how he was a joker that would eat out of ice cream containers while dining. She remembered how curious he was about his grandchildren tuned into their phones, that he opened a twitter account and immediately gained over 20,00 followers. He too became glued to his iPad posting thoughts and comments.

The crowd of mourners outside of the funeral continued to grow and began to spread out and into the streets in front of the telecast as the ceremony continued. Police had to shut down traffic when Mr. Fraser’s daughter Phoebe Wynne-Pope read a quote that appraised her father written by Theodore Roosevelt.

Countless Vietnamese refugees swarmed the crowds. Fraser’s impact on the refugees made them feel like children of the prime minister as well. Mr. Nguyen was a refugee that had to have an appointment with Fraser on many occasions, he reminisced during an interview with a reporter, how his ongoing support was enduring. The prime minister taught many people how to humble their hearts and engage in the less fortunate fortunes.

Fraser role in humanitarian, environmental and  refugee issues continued to thrive after he left politics. His passion granted him recognition with alliances in the U.S. and the Asian region embraced his overall support. He maintained his reputation of being a “truly global man.”

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Frasier state funeral held remarkable memories of him, for the people to remember him by. While he left a statement by never-ceasing to quit caring about current affairs he is respected by many. As the funeral ended with the benediction, The Lord Bless You and Keep You, sung by the churches choir Fraser’s casket was taken away by six pall bearers.

By Krystle Mitchell


BBC News

Photo By: David Mulder – Flickr License

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