Street Racing Is Not the Name of the Game

Street Racing

Street racing in America can be dated back to the 1950s and it has been a part of Hollywood movies. The movie that really boosted its presence was The Fast and Furious. This movie grossed approximately $80 million within the first 10 days on the screen.

Street racing is a global problem. It is usually enjoyed by a young crowd of people, whose activities are carried out in a way in which to avoid the attention of the police. Street racing is an illegal activity that involves racing that may be well planned or it may happen spontaneously.

Street racing was the cause of a fatal crash that happened last week in Chatsworth. Two people were killed and another was seriously injured. The driver lost control of his Ford Mustang and veered into a crowd of people. Often street racing is propagandized as exciting entertainment. However, it is a criminal and sometimes deadly act.

The car spiraled 180 degrees, hit a utility pole, and finally stopped on the sidewalk. This accident occurred just after 2:00 am. The other driver left the scene of the accident, and his identity is still a mystery. On this particular street, which is zoned for 35 miles per hour, a lot of  street racing happens despite all the complaints from pedestrians.

This Ford Mustang was overhauled and had many racing modifications that included everything from the tires to the engine. According to the Northridge-Chatsworth Patch, the car was modified for illegal car racing.

There were 60 spectators watching this race on Canoga Avenue and Plummer Street. Social media played a role as the race was discussed. There was a video recording of the street racing action from the start line. Although it has not been determined how fast the vehicle was traveling, it was estimated by a pedestrian that he was traveling about 55 or 60 miles per hour at the time of the crash.

Someone posted a picture of the lower half of a spectator, who was being questioned by a police officer. There were threatening comments made to him. After the crash, the crowd dispersed before the police had an opportunity to thoroughly investigate this street racing crash.

Street racing has been an ongoing challenge for the LAPD for decades. At one time, drag strips were very popular. Since they have disappeared, drivers just need to use any street that is wide enough and does not have a lot of traffic. Prime areas for street racing to occur are deserted commercial and industrial zones.

Many people would like to have the drag strips restored so that there will be a place where people, who love to race, can have competitions. The raceways would be located in safe areas, where fire crew, safety inspections, and ambulance service could be available.

The Center for Problem-Oriented Policing has identified several other issues related to street racing. Police have to address such issues as curfew violations, car thefts, public urination, trespassing, noise complaints, littering, vandalism, drunkenness, gang-related activities, cruising, insurance fraud, and retaliations that may occur if a bad debt for a racing bet has not been paid.

By Marie A. Wakefield


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Photo by Jason Goulding – License

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