Taylor Swift Gets Cat Scratches on Her $40 Million Legs

Taylor Swift

On March 14, 2015, Taylor Swift wrote on her Instagram that her cat put scratches on her $40 million insured legs. Joking that her cat owed her $40 million, she wrote “great work Meredith, I was just trying to love you and now you owe me 40 million dollars.” The pop star was seen wearing a large band-aid on her very long legs, in order to cover up the scratches that her cat Meredith put on her.

Media is now poking fun at Taylor Swift in articles written about her supposedly insured legs for the sum of $40 million. She addressed the rumors in her post on Instagram, in the first attempt to make fun of the rumors, since they started. Apparently earlier in the week rumors had begun surfacing that Swift had a $40 million insurance policy on just her legs. It makes sense, as the singer often makes large sums of money off of her stage performances. However, when The National Enquirer first put out the article, everyone but Taylor Swift seemed to have a comment about it.

A representative for Swift did make a comment that the rumor was not true. Though many celebrities have insured their body parts, just in case something were to happen that would end their career, the rep for Swift said that the article was silly and untrue. The article in The National Enquirer claimed that Swift had tried to insure her legs for at least $1 million, and was shocked to find out that her legs were worth $40 million. The author wrote, “She’s even a little embarrassed about it.”

Now Swift is poking her own fun about the rumors, as she is now mocking her cat and claiming that her cat Meredith Gray (named after Grey’s Anatomy) now owes her $40 million. Hollywood Life joked in their article that Meredith scratched her because she was “feeling neglected” because Swift always parades around her sister Olivia Benson (the other cat, named after Law and Order: Taylor SwiftSVU). Olivia, the cat, reportedly did a cameo in Swift’s music video for Blank Space.

Taylor also participated in a cat filled Diet Coke commercial last year, something else that could have made Meredith jealous. Calling her the crazy cat lady, media poked fun at her then too. Every time Swift took a drink of Diet Coke, more cats appeared in the room, until she was eventually buried in cats. With that many cats around, it is amazing that Taylor did not get a whole lot of scratches on her $40 million legs, then.

Though Swift apparently loves cat’s it seems as though her and her furry friend are in a feud, right now, after Meredith left a big scratch on her left leg. She often posts pictures of her and her cats on Instagram, for all of her fans. Swift also often posts comments of mockery, as well, addressing any rumors that surface. After the rumor spread that she had no belly button, Swift posted a picture of herself in a midriff bikini. As rumors often go around about Taylor Swift, we are sure to see more of her self-posted mockery to address such things.¬†As for the $40 million leg insurance, it is not likely that Swift’s cat scratches will get her a lump sum of money, anytime soon.

By Crystal Boulware


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