Justin Bieber Got What Was Coming to Him


Over the past decade or so, television viewers have had the pleasure of seeing many celebrities roasted via Comedy Central. The likes of Pamela Anderson, Bob Saget, and Roseanne were the butt of hundreds of sometimes lewd jokes. What many remember most about the Roseanne and Anderson roasts, had to do with heavily intoxicated guests. Saturday night one of the young Hollywood elite was up in the chair, and some feel that Justin Bieber got what was coming to him.

A number of the guests, his friends, said the same. Roast master, Kevin Hart, exclaimed at the beginning of the show that they all were going to give him what the legal system and his parents never did, a swift kick to the butt. One of the more heartbreaking jokes came from Pete Davidson who said, “In the last year Bieber got arrested for racing, but unfortunately it wasn’t with Paul Walker.” As one might expect, who does not share the darker side of Hollywood humor, many of the Walker jokes got groans and gasps.

Of course only a few jokers had enough gall to do some Bill Cosby jokes and somehow bring Bieber into that messy fold. Then came Martha Stewart’s turn to slam the young star a bit. She ended up getting a standing ovation for the jokes she delivered. What was great for the audience in attendance and those at home was the “Martha Stewart guide to surviving prison” set. Wonderful it would have been, to see Stewart give Bieber advice about the pen, the place where some critics think Bieber would have got what was coming to him.

She claimed that Bieber, “would not last a week in lockup.” Stewart made Bieber aware that in there, Twitter does not matter, as he will only have five million followers on the way to the showers. Probably her finest moment was describing how to make a shank by combining a comb with a pack of gum.

Stars such as Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Doggy Dogg and Snoop Dog) appeared to roast the youngster, along with the usual roast crowd such as Jeff Ross. The true shining moment in the evening, however, was when Ron Burgundy himself showed up. The actor who plays the character, Will Ferrell, was seen backstage later on. As Burgundy, Ferrell beautifully stayed in character to praise Bieber and how classy he is. Apparently, anyone who hangs out with Floyd Mayweather is thought of, in the character’s eyes, as being classy.

When all was said and done, and the roasters had rightfully tongue lashed Bieber, it was time for Bieber himself to say a few words. What was so different from this roast as compared to the others is that Bieber actually apologized to those in attendance, as well as his fans abroad. Like many people his age and older, Bieber admitted that he was ashamed of some of his actions and proud of others. He made a point that when a teenage boy is given $200 million to play around with, mistakes are bound to happen.

After the show ended, an after party ensued at the roasting. Bieber, however, was nowhere to be found. This is because the young multimillionaire, boarded a plane to Las Vegas to celebrate his birthday. He arrived on scene around one in the morning, and danced on tables and got as drunk as most 21-year-olds do, though most cannot afford to drink Grey Goose all night. At four, Bieber finally called it an evening and retired, feeling like he had got what was coming to him.

By Benjamin Johnson





Photo by Il Fatto Quotidiano – flickr license

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