Ted Cruz Is Called Out by Jerry Brown


California Governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat, believes Ted Cruz, a Texan Republican, to be inadequate to run for president due to Cruz’s position on climate change or rather lack of opinion as it were. Cruz believes that global warming is not backed by science and wants to see scientific data on the issue. Satellite data does not show any significance in global warming in the last 17 years, he stated. Brown has said that if he were ten years younger, he would make a run for presidency himself.

A few days before his appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Cruz gave a speech, “Your world is on fire.” Meyers told Cruz that at first he was excited but then he was disappointed because he thought the speech was going to be about climate change, not foreign policy. Cruz told Meyers that global warming should be based on science and data and there is not any evidence to support global warming. Brown is a devout environmentalist so climate change is a subject he takes very seriously, especially while handling the drought situation in California.

Cruz is correct. There has not been any global warning the past 17 years. However, this does not mean this will be an ongoing trend or that it means there is not a likelihood of long-term global warming. The Earth’s land-ocean temperatures have accelerated in warming since the 70’s. This started a period of melting sea ice and rising sea levels. In 1998, temperatures spiked and then leveled off.

Scientists say this means there was a strong El Nino in 1998 and there were warmer ocean temperatures than normal. El Nino is a pattern of ocean currents that will change global weather while releasing heat into the atmosphere. However, even though temperatures have not significantly changed since 1998, the 14 recorded hottest years have all happened since 1998. This data is from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has determined that the temperature plateau is due to volcanic and solar activity. This panel is affiliated with the United Nations and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. Cruz is only partially correct and needs to expand his research. However, Brown believes his information to be totally false. Brown also told NBC’s Meet the Press that Cruz carries with him a certain level of ignorance and that he directly makes false statements against existing scientific data. Brown’s open opinion of Cruz comes the day before he is scheduled to announce his run for presidency.

Governor Brown believes whole-heartedly that California’s four year drought is due to climate change. He is having to deal with climate change first hand. There is scientific evidence that supports the drought’s connection to the severe weather in the East. The U.N. has said that 40 percent of the world will have a water shortage. California has policies in place to help ease the water shortage to prevent having to ration out water, however, the water shortage is extremely serious. If there is not a significant change in weather, California could run out of water in a year.

By Jeanette Smith


Tampa Bay Times

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