‘The Voice’: ‘Battle Rounds’ Night Three [Recap & Video]

The Voice

The Voice continued with the third night of the Battle Rounds part of the season this Monday, March 16, 2015. Blake Shelton used up his two steals, and the other coaches, Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine, and Christina Aguilera, each have just one steal left. They will likely want to use their steals wisely, which might mean that a lot of the losers of the head-to-head Battle Rounds tonight and tomorrow night will be eliminated outright from the competition.

The Voice host, Carson Daly, began the night by recapping last week’s Battle Rounds. Then, he introduced the coaches, and said “The artists must deliver! It’s the most competitive night of Battles yet!”

On The Voice, from Team Pharrell, Caitlin Caporale and Briar Jonnee will be going head-to-head against each other. They will be singing Fallin’ by Alicia Keyes. They really enjoyed meeting their team’s mentor, Lionel Richie. “There’s a certain greatness in a little bit of uneasiness,” Lionel told them. Pharrell and Lionel Richie gave the young ladies some great advice.

Carson Daly introduced Briar and Caitlin on The Voice and the first Battle Round commenced. They both sounded AWESOME! They sang well individually and they also harmonized very well together. They definitely made Pharrell’s decision a difficult one.

Blake said “I’d buy a ticket to this show every day of the week. I think both of you girls are awesome.”

Christina said “Very, very impressive stuff. I don’t know what Pharrell is going to do. Good luck, Pharrell.”

Pharrell had to choose between them on The Voice, and he said “The winner of this Battle is — Caitlin.” No coaches used their steals on Briar. The Voice headed to the first break of the show.

When The Voice came back after the break, Barry Minniefield sang head-to-head against Jack Gregori. They got to meet the mentor for Team Adam, international superstar, Ellie Goulding. They sang the Joe Cocker song, Feelin’ Alright. It was a great song choice for their vocal talents. Adam recommended that Jack “fully embrace” the song.

“Whoever has more fun will win the Battle,” Adam said. Then, The Voice went to another commercial break.

The Voice host, Carson Daly, introduced from Team Adam Barry Minniefield and Jack Gregori. They both WAILED on this Joe Cocker classic hit song. They had the audience clapping along right from the beginning of the song. Jack did great, but Adam might be messing around with the possibility of losing a singer that he could have used to beat Blake.

Blake said “That was a lot of fun to watch.” He said “seeing a country artist who is not on my team is not right.” Blake said if it was his choice on The Voice, he would “go with Barry.”

Christina said “It’s really a matter of Adam’s preference here.”

Adam said “This is just a gut thing. The winner of this Battle is…Barry.” Jack was available to be stolen. However, the coaches still wanted to wait until later to use their remaining steals. More commercials ensued on The Voice.

After the commercial break, The Voice host, Carson Daly, said that two members from Team Christina will go head-to-head in the next Battle Round of the evening. Treeva Gibson and Katelyn Read sang the Florence and the Machine version of Addicted to Love. Nick Jonas was the mentor for Team Christina.

Christina said she wanted to hear some intensity from their voices. She asked them to scream out loud to release their inner intensity and passion. “No sweetness for this one,” Christina told them.

Katelyn Read and Treeva Gibson were introduced by The Voice host, Carson Daly. They both started off the song kind of in a low-key way, but then their voices got louder and more intense as the song went on. The Voice audience clapped along as they performed this rock hit.

Pharrell said “Katelyn, you have this very distinctive voice. Treeva, you really broke through later in the song.”

Adam said “If I had to pick right now, I would go with Treeva.”

Blake said “Katelyn is a more developed vocalist, so I would give this one to Katelyn.”

Christina thought out loud on The Voice, trying to decide who the winner of the Battle Round was. She said “The winner of this Battle is…Treeva.” Katelyn was available to be stolen, but again, the coaches did not use a steal on her.

When The Voice returned from yet more commercials, host Carson Daly announced that two more members from Team Pharrell were going to do Battle. Lowell Oakley and Kimberly Nichole went head-to-head against each other singing the Elvis Presley song, Hound Dog. Pharrell called them both “old souls.” He told them that Big Momma Thornton was the first to originally sing the song, and that was the version that they went with.

The Voice host, Carson Daly, introduced one of the more interesting vocal Battle Rounds of the night, when he announced the Battle Round between Lowell and Kimberly. Kimberly began the song, with a lot of sass and attitude. Lowell really stepped up, and matched her, note-for-note. They infused the song with vitality and made it their own. The Voice coaches gave them a standing ovation.

Adam said “I award you no help; have fun with that.”

Blake said “What’s wrong with you putting those two head-to-head against each other? I’m gonna plead the fifth on this one.”

Christina said “It was my favorite Battle of the season so far.”

Carson asked Pharrell who the winner of the Battle was on The Voice. Pharrell took his time, saying “I want to have you both.” He said “They’re both winners.” He had to really force himself to make a decision. Carson took The Voice to another commercial break, as Pharrell was taking so long to decide.

Pharrell said that the winner of the Battle Round was “Lowell.” Kimberly was available to be stolen, and Christina pushed her button right away and used her last steal on The Voice on Kimberly.

Host of The Voice, Carson Daly, then introduced the first match-up from Team Blake tonight, Kelsie May and Brenna Yaeger. They really loved meeting Team Blake’s mentor, Meghan Trainor. They were going to sing Fancy. Brenna was more familiar with the song. Blake said “These girls gotta live and breathe this song.”

The night of their Battle Round arrived. The Voice host, Carson Daly, introduced the Team Blake musical artists, and Brenna and Kelsie had the The Voice audience clapping along from the very start of the song. They KILLED it, and harmonized very well together.

Christina said “You guys were on 10 the whole time.”

Pharrell said “I don’t know what you’re gonna do, because they’re both incredible.”

Adam said that “If I’m Blake, it’d be really hard not to go with Kelsey.”

Blake Shelton told them he did not want either singer to be discouraged. He had to choose a winner, though. “I think it’s pretty even. The winner of this Battle is…Kelsey,” Blake said on The Voice. Brenna was up to get stolen, but nobody stole her.

Two members from Team Christina went head-to-head in the final Battle Round of The Voice, Clinton Washington and India Carney. The mentor for Team Christina this season is Nick Jonas. Both he and Christina offered the two competitors great advice. Christina chose the song Stay for them to sing in their Battle Round. They did not seem to be harmonizing well together during the rehearsals, though hopefully, they will do better in the actual Battle Round.

The Voice host, Carson Daly, introduced the two singer and said “Let the Battle begin!” India began the song, and sounded AMAZING! But, Clinton also sounded pretty amazing, when he joined in. They had managed to make leaps and bounds of improvement and they NAILED the song. They both gave it their all, in what might be the best performance of the night on The Voice.

Pharrell said “That was technically the best Battle I’ve seen this season.”

Adam said “You guys were absolute equals up there.”

Blake said “It felt like I was watching a music video or recording.”

Christina said “The winner of the Battle is…India! It kills me, Clinton; you know that!”

Carson said “Clinton is available for the steal.” Adam pushed his button first, then Pharrell pushed his. They both made their pitches to Clinton, and it was up to him to choose which team he would be on next. “I pick Adam,” Clinton said.

That was the end of The Voice tonight. Now, only Pharrell has a steal left, and he will likely be picky and only use it on the musical artist he believes can benefit his team the most. There were a lot of tremendous Battle Rounds tonight, and there will be more to come tomorrow night, so be sure to watch!

By Douglas Cobb

NBC Universal Media Village

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