3 Reasons Coaching Does Not Work for People Like NeNe Leakes

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NeNeOn the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta NeNe Leakes decided she would bring the ladies together for a therapy session. NeNe sought out the assistance of Dr. Jeff Gedere to help fix the many dysfunctions of the other ladies in the cast. The idea backfired in a big way as she refused to own any of her issues.

Dr. Jeff calmly warned NeNe beforehand that he would be representing the group as a whole and would not give her special treatment. She fired back telling him she did not invite him there to represent her because he does not know her that well. Needless to say, the therapy session ended abruptly as NeNe got increasingly defensive with the line of questions from fellow cast members. Despite being the organizer of the session NeNe got up and stormed out accusing Dr. Jeff of allowing the other ladies to gang up on her.

There are many reasons people seek out a coach who can empower them to reach their goals.  Coaching is one of the more popular methods employed to help people become their best self. Although the art of coaching is loaded with benefits, it is not a one size fits all operation nor is it a band-aid to cover issues people refuse to face.

The motive behind NeNe’s idea for a group session with Dr. Jeff may have been tainted, but had she availed herself to the process the outcome could have been glorious. Breaking the cycle of blame can be tough so here are a few pointers which can be used to defeat the blame game and receive the ideal coaching experience:

  • Do not set up the session with ulterior motives. Many times people enter into the session with one goal – to prove they are right. They are not open to gaining access to their blind areas which have added to the drama surrounding them. Instead they focus on the blame game and pointing the finger at everyone else.
  • Be ready to step up and own your part. It is hard for people to ditch the excuses and take responsibility. This is the first step towards experiencing the best outcome. Nothing happens until people can own their issues and acknowledge their contribution instead of pawning them off on others. Regardless of the actions of outside forces, the real deal is a person’s life is their responsibility and the sooner they own it, the faster change will take place.
  • Be willing to do the work. Coaching leads to action. It is not a one stop shop that happens outside of your involvement. After distancing yourself from the excuses, you must move to a better mindset and better influences. Taking responsibility means committing to the entire process which includes after-session assignments.

Professional coaching has the ability to bring many wonderful benefits such as greater interpersonal effectiveness, increased confidence, and fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills and so much more.  Just as one might hire a personal trainer to help them set and achieve certain goals for their body, people hire coaches to help them set and achieve their desired life enhancement goals.

While it appears NeNe set up the session for everyone, her attitude revealed she was not ready to address her own demons. Phaedra was not interested and did not bother to show up; however Kandi, Claudia, Cynthia and even Kenya joined the session expecting the best possible outcome. Tune in to Real Housewives of Atlanta next Sunday to catch part two of the therapy session episode.

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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