The Voice: Battle Rounds Premiere Part Two [Recap & Video]

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Tonight, on The Voice, the Battle Rounds continued their season premiere that was begun last night when the first team members from Team Pharrell, Team Adam and Team Blake went head-to-head against each other. The Battle Rounds raged on, with the mentors for each team offering helpful advice. Who will stay, who will get sent home, and who will be stolen? Read on, to find out!

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, recapped what happened during the preliminary Battle Rounds. Then, he said that “Tonight, 12 more artists will step into the ring.” Ellie Goulding is the team mentor for Team Adam, while Lionel Richie is for Team Pharrell, Meghan Trainor is for Team Blake, and Nick Jonas is the team mentor for Team Christina.

Anthony Riley went head-to-head against Travis Ewing from Team Pharrell to start off the Battle Rounds tonight on The Voice. They both were impressed when they met Lionel Richie. The song that Anthony and Travis will be singing on The Voice is Get Ready.

Carson Daly introduced the first Battle Round on The Voice, and it was officially on! Both Anthony and Travis WAILED on this classic hit song, each adding his unique set of vocal skills to the mix. The Voice audience stood and clapped the entire song.

Adam said “I’d go with Anthony, but you, Travis, gave him a good fight.”

Blake said on The Voice “Travis, you made it a battle. It would be hard not to reward Travis for stepping up.”

Christina said “For me, my vote would be for Anthony.”

Pharrell said on The Voice “You made it a tough decision. The winner of this Battle is…Anthony.” Carson reminded the coaches that Travis was available to be stolen, and Blake Shelton pushed his button and used one of his steals on him.

When The Voice came back from a break, Christina met with Nick Jonas. Ameera Delandro went head-to-head against Sonic from Team Christina. Christina gave them the song Masterpiece by Jessie J to sing for the Battle Round.

Carson Daly, host of The Voice, introduced the Battle Round and Sonic began singing first. She and Ameera harmonized really well together. It was a great Battle, and they had the audience clapping along right from the start of the song.

Pharrell told Sonic that he felt “There were a couple of times I thought you were pitchy.” Blake said he would go with Sonic.

It was time on The Voice for Christina to make her decision. She said that Sonic was the winner of the Battle Round.

After that Battle Round on The Voice, three other Battle Rounds followed, but the viewers of America only got to see bits of each, and hear who the winners were. Joe Tolo and Gabriel Wolfchild from Team Christina sang For the First Time, and the winner was Joe Tolo. Nobody stole Gabriel.

Then, on The Voice, from Team Adam, Deanna Johnson sang against Nicolette Maré. The song Adam chose for them to sing was Love Me like You Do. He said that he picked Deanna as the winner of the Battle Round, and no coaches stole Nicolette.

The third Battle Round on The Voice that was seen in rapid succession was one pitting Josh Batstone against Nathan Hermida. They sang Thinking Out Loud. Adam chose Nathan as the winner, and once again, nobody stole the loser of the round, Josh.

As those three Battle Rounds ended on The Voice, Blake Shelton spoke a little bit with the mentor for his team this season, Meghan Trainor. The two members from his team that sang head-to-head against each other were Sarah Potenza and Hannah Kirby. The song that Blake chose for them to sing was The Rolling Stones’ iconic hit, Gimme Shelter.

Their performance on The Voice singing Gimme Shelter was one of the best Battle Rounds of the entire night. Hannah began the song, then Sarah started singing. They KILLED their performance of the song!

Christina said “That was crazy!” She added that they both had “fireworks” between them as they sang.

Pharrell said on The Voice “It was a straight-up duel.”

Blake Shelton had to choose who the winner of the Battle Round was on The Voice. He said “The winner of this Battle is…Sarah.”

The Voice host, Carson Daly, said that Hannah Kirby was up for a steal. Both Pharrell Williams and Adam pushed their buttons. After they both gave Hannah their pitches about why she should be on their teams, Hannah chose Team Pharrell.

Adam had Michael Leier and Blaze Johnson go head-to-head against each other in the next Battle Round of The Voice tonight. The two competitors from Team Adam sang Rude by Magic.

The Voice host, Carson Daly, introduced the Battle Round and Michael started out singing. The song had a cool island sound to it. Blaze joined in and sang the next line, and their voices sounded AMAZING together.

Blake said “Michael, I remember you auditioned with a Pearl Jam song. You both stepped up and showed your coach what you were capable of doing.”

Adam said “The winner of this Battle is…Blaze.”

Host of The Voice, Carson Daly, reminded the coaches that Michael was available to be stolen. However, none of the coaches used a steal on him. Adam told Blaze “You really earned this one.”

Blake’s next Battle Round pairing on The Voice was Cody Wickline going head-to-head against Matt Snook, 41. Both are country music singers. They will be singing the song Blake chose for them, How Country Feels. Blake wants them “to have an equal amount of time singing the lead,” to help him with his decision.

Blake said that “Cody is so intense sometimes it can seem like he’s not having fun.” They decided not to play their guitars. Blake told them “This performance needs to be the best one of your lives.”

After the break on The Voice, Cody Wickline began the song. Matt Snook sang the next line, and the Battle was on! The two musical artists seemed to be pretty evenly matched. They sounded terrific singing together, which will make Blake’s decision difficult.

Christina said “I like how country feels! That felt really good! I was really drawn to your energy.” She said “I think Cody is really cute.”

Pharrell said “You guys are both really, really, really good.”

Adam said “Matt gave the better vocal. I think Matt won this Battle.”

Blake said “Cody, great job coming out of your shell. Matt, you really love music and it comes through.”

Carson asked him who the winner of the Battle was, and Blake said “The winner of this Battle is…Cody.” Matt was up to be stolen. He shook hands with the coaches, but nobody used a steal on him.

The final Battle Round of the evening on The Voice paired two members of Team Pharrell, Meghan Linsey against Paul Pfau. The song that Pharrell chose for them to sing was Don’t Let Me Down, originally sung by The Beatles on the album, Let It Be.

“Listen, Meghan, use those eyes!” Pharrell told Meghan.

“If you don’t look at someone, you go down in the hole,” Lionel added. They both wanted Meghan to “engage” with Paul as they sang this classic Beatles song. The Voice headed to another commercial break.

When The Voice returned, Carson Daly introduced the final Battle Round of the night, Meghan Linsey versus Paul Pfau. They looked into each other’s eyes as they sang, and the atmosphere in the studio was electric. The original is incredible, but they did the song justice with their version. The Battle Round was, arguably, the best one of the episode.

Adam said he was very mad when his team was filled and he could not choose Paul. Blake said “Meghan, you sound better than you ever have.”

Christina said “It was hard singing with such a powerhouse like Meghan. I’d have to go with Meghan.”

Pharrell said “I think the winner of this Battle will be…Paul.”

Then, The Voice host, Carson Daly, said that Meghan was up to be stolen. Adam and Blake both pushed their buttons. “What’s the matter with you?” Blake yelled. Then, Christina also pushed her button, saying “I’m in.”

Blake said “Look at our history as friends. Look at last year, when Adam had three finalists to my one, and he pulled an epic fail.”

Meghan had three coaches on The Voice wanting her on their teams. She said she had to go with Team Blake. Blake stood up and walked over to Adam and Pharrell and taunted them by laughing in their faces.

That was the end of The Voice this Tuesday evening, March 10. 2015. There were some great Battle Rounds, like the one pairing Sarah Potenza and Hannah Kirby together, singing Gimme Shelter, and the final one of the night, pairing Meghan Linsey and Paul Pfau, singing Don’t Let Me Down. Another of the highlights was the Battle Round between Michael Leier and Blaze Johnson, singing Rude. Please tune in and watch even more terrific Battle Rounds next Monday, on The Voice on NBC!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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