The Voice: Blinds End and Battles Begin [Recap & Video]

The Voice

On The Voice tonight, the coaches only had five more places to fill on their teams. The coaches, Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton, scrambled to fill their remaining spaces and complete their teams as the Blind Auditions wrapped up. Then, the Battle Rounds commenced on The Voice, with team members on the same teams singing head-to-head against each other, with only the best surviving. The losing singers of each round either had to go home, or they got stolen by another coach, to be able to continue on in the competition with another team.

The Voice began with host, Carson Daly, saying that each of the coaches have one space left to fill to complete their teams, except for Pharrell, who has two. Daly said that Blake’s team mentor will be Meghan Trainor, Adam’s will be Ellie Goulding, Christina’s will be Nick Jonas, and Pharrell’s will be Lionel Richie.

Nathan Hermida, 17, was the first musical artist to audition on The Voice. The song he chose to sing was Sure Thing. He played the guitar as he sang. Not long into the song, Adam pushed his button and turned his chair around. Shortly after, Christina pushed her button, as the audience clapped along while Nathan sang.

Adam asked him his name and age. “That was the voice of a seasoned professional,” Adam said.

“Nathan, why do you have such a sexy, seductive voice?” Christina said. “You’re a superstar! I want to make music with you and finally win this competition.”

Adam said “You have a gift. I want to make you the centerpiece of my team. I think you’re gonna be in the finals.”

Nathan said “I pick…I pick Adam.” Nathan became the final member of Adam’s team, making Adam the first coach to complete his team on The Voice.

When The Voice came back after the first commercial break of the evening, the second performer was Paul Pfau, 26. He sang Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra. Blake pushed his button and was the first to turn his chair around on The Voice for Paul. Then, Pharrell also pushed his button.

Christina asked him what his name was, and he told her. Paul said to Adam that he had a demo CD with him, and Adam asked for him to hand it over, which he did.

Pharrell said “What kind of music do you like to do?” Paul replied that he liked the Blues and Pop and Rock.

Blake said “I’ve waited for eight seasons to work with someone like you.” Paul told Blake he was from Oklahoma. Blake said he was also from Oklahoma, and stated “It will be a blast to work with you.”

However, Paul did not pick Blake on The Voice. He said “I pick Pharrell.” Blake was bummed out. The Voice went to another commercial break. Now, Pharrell had one slot left to fill on his team, just like Christina and Blake.

After The Voice came back on, the next performer was Vance Smith from Detroit. The song he sang was Reach Out I’ll Be There. Right at the very end, both Christina and Pharrell pushed their buttons and turned their chairs around.

Christina said “Your falsetto was great. I have one spot left, and I would love to work with you.’

Pharrell said there were some “pitchy parts” to the song but he would love to have Vance on his team. Pharrell was to be denied, though, as Vance said “I pick…Christina.” Now, Christina’s team, like Adam’s, was filled, as The Voice headed to another commercial break.

The Voice came back from the break with only two teams left, Team Pharrell and Team Blake, each having just one space left to fill. Caitlin Caporale was next to sing. Her song choice was Impossible, a Christina Aguilera song. Blake Shelton pushed his button, as did Pharrell.

“Let me tell you something. You have like a 700 pound voice and it’s coming out of 80 pounds,” Blake said.

Pharrell told her “What kind of music do you want to do after this?”

She said that she wanted to do “R&B music.”

Pharrell said if he had a shot at working with her, he “could take her where she wants to go.”

Caitlin said on The Voice “I think…I will pick Pharrell.” Pharrell’s team was now complete.

Blake said “I’m looking for somebody to turn this day around for me.” He only had one space left to go, and he will no longer have anyone to compete against.

Blake could afford to be choosy now. He did not pick the next few singers, but then, he heard one that made him change his mind. Hannah Kirby then tried out her luck on The Voice. She enjoys playing video games. Hannah’s choice of songs she sang for her Blind Audition was The Letter. Blake listened for a while but hesitated before he finally pushed his button.

From Team Pharrell, Ashley Morgan sang against Mia Z for the first head-to-head Battle Round of this season of The Voice. Before they competed they got to meet with Pharrell’s team mentor, Lionel Richie, and they seemed awed to be in the presence of a musical legend.

The song that Pharrell chose for them to sing on The Voice was Put the Gun Down. Pharrell said “You all are making my job hard now. Who do you lose, who do you chose?”

Carson Daly introduced the first Battle Round of The Voice this season, between Mia Z and Ashley Morgan, right after a commercial break. Ashley began the song, then Mia Z sang the second line. They seemed to be pretty evenly matched on The Voice.

Adam said “That was pretty amazing. It probably boils down to who you prefer.”

Blake said that Mia sang some very high notes, but Ashley reminded him of “a Jessie J.”

Christina said “For me, hands down as a vocalist, I’d say Ashley all the way. You killed it!”

On The Voice, Pharrell had to decide who the winner of the Battle Round was. He said “I’m gonna go with…Mia.” Carson reminded the coaches that Ashley was available to be stolen. Adam pushed his button, then Blake did, and Christina also pushed her button.

Adam said “I’m obsessed with you. There’s nobody remotely like you on my team.”

Blake said “I wanted you in the Blind Auditions, and I still really want you know.”

On The Voice, Christina said that she had said “Hands down, Ashley is the winner of this Battle.”

Adam said “You blew everybody away tonight.”

Ashley said “I’m gonna pick–” Then, The Voice went to another commercial break, right before she said which team she wanted to be on.

Back on The Voice, Ashley said “I’m gonna pick…Christina!”

Carson Daly then introduced Adam’s mentor on The Voice, Ellie Goulding. After that, James McNeiece and Tanya Boyd-Cannon from Team Adam rehearsed and met with both Adam and Ellie to get advice.

After a commercial break on The Voice, they went head-to-head against each each other in the second Battle Round of the evening. The song that Adam chose for them both to sing was P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing). James had plenty of chances to use his incredible falsetto as they sang, but Tonya matched him, note-for note. It was a fantastic Battle Round.

Blake said “Your voice is so big, it’s tough to overcome.”

On The Voice Christina said “Yes, Tonya has a very powerful voice, but James, you put in a valiant effort.”

Adam said “There’s a lot of potential in both of you. The winner of this Battle is…Tonya.”

Carson reminded The Voice coaches that James was available to get stolen. No coach used a steal on him, though.

Next on The Voice, Blake met with Meghan Trainor. Brian Johnson will be going head-to head against Joshua Davis. Both of these musical artists are great. Joshua and Brian sang the Bob Dylan song, Knocking on Heaven’s Door. Blake said he wanted them to “do a stripped down version.”

At the final rehearsal, Blake said “They were getting off track with the harmony part.” Meghan gave them advice that seemed to help them harmonize together better. Meghan started to cry. Blake asked her why she was crying, and she said “It’s good. You hit me.” Blake said “It showed the power of their performance.”

Carson Daly introduced Brian Johnson and Joshua Davis, and the Battle Round began. Both musical artists sang with such emotion in their voices, leaving their hearts on the stage. The audience was enthralled by their performance.

Christina said “Joshua, you have such a beautiful tone. But, Brian, you have a beautiful tone, too.”

Blake had a tough decision to make. “The winner of this Battle is Brian.”

Carson reminded the coaches that Joshua was available to be stolen, and Adam pushed his button right away. Carson said “Joshua has a new coach, and his name is Adam Levine!”

The Voice had a fantastic episode tonight, with the Blind Auditions ending and the Battle Rounds beginning. The four coaches filled their teams, and then viewers across America were introduced to their team mentors, and the head-to-head Battle Rounds commenced. There were some amazing performances tonight, and there will be sure to be even more tomorrow night, as the Battle Rounds continue on The Voice.

Written By Douglas Cobb

(I tried to find YouTube videos that had the best sound quality, but these are still not that great.)

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