‘The Walking Dead’: ‘Remember’ [Recap & Review]

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead episode was called Remember, and it was about Sheriff Rick and his group of survivors attempting to adapt and fit in with the community Aaron and Kyle invited them to become members of in the Alexandria Free Zone. Will this attempt to settle down by The Walking Dead survivors be any different or better than any of the other attempts that they have made?

The Walking Dead began with Rick’s band of survivors filing in through the gates of the community. The gates then closed behind them. Daryl said “We brought dinner.” He was referring to the opossum he had with him.

On The Walking Dead, Rick and his buddies were asked to turn over their weapons if they were going to stay. Rick said “We don’t know if we want to stay.”

The survivors were told that they would have to talk with “Deanna.”

“Who’s Deanna?” Sergeant Abraham Ford asked. Sasha took aim and killed a walker outside of the bars of the gate, and The Walking Dead went to its first commercial break.

“Hello. I’m Deanna Monroe,” said a woman in a house to Rick. She interviewed him, and asked “Do you mind if I film this?”

Rick told her okay, but he wondered why she wanted to film them talking. “What is this place?” Rick asked.

“It’s the start of planned sustainability,” Deanna said. She told Rick that she had been a congressperson from Ohio. “There were supplies here, and we made the best of it,” she said. Her husband had been a professor of architecture. More and more people arrived, and they became a community.

“You should keep your gates closed,” Rick told her.

“Why?” she asked.

On The Walking Dead, Rick added that “Everybody had an angle. People measure you by what they can take from you.”

“I’ve killed people,” Rick said. “I don’t know how many. They’re dead so that, those people out there, would survive,” he told her.

“We’ve lost people. And, I’ve done things,” she said on The Walking Dead.

Rick asked her “What have you done?”

“I exiled three people who didn’t work out, and we both know that’s as good as killing them,” Deanna said to Rick on The Walking Dead.

“It’s time to decide,” she said, “if you’re the one doing the deciding.”

“I was a sheriff,” Rick told her.

“Yeah, I knew it was something like that,” Deanna replied. Then, The Walking Dead went to another commercial break.

“They’re still your guns. You can check them out anytime you go beyond these wall,” Deanna told Rick and his group. Just inside the gates, they had to turn over their weapons. Rick and his group had their choice of the houses that were available.

The house that Rick, Carl, and Judith moved into on The Walking Dead looked very nice. Rick was able to take a shower for the first time in probably forever. He trimmed his beard hair, then shaved the rest of it off.

At the front door, a woman knocked. She told Rick she “worked in the pantry.”

“I’m Jessie,” she said.

“I’m Rick,” Rick said on The Walking Dead.

“I used to be a stylist. I could take care of you,” she said.

“You don’t even know me,” Rick told her.

“I can take care of myself,” she said. She cut his hair as he sat in a chair, and she told him that she had two sons.

Elsewhere on The Walking Dead, Daryl said in his interview when Deanna asked if he wanted to stay there, “The boy and the baby, they deserve a roof, I guess.”

“These are like mansions,” Carl said.

“Umm, hmm. and they’re just giving them away,” Carol replied on The Walking Dead, sounding suspicious.

“We’ll all be staying in the same house tonight,” Rick told the survivors.

The survivors on The Walking Dead all were in Rick’s house to spend the night together. Michonne brushed her teeth for 20 minutes. “I have a feeling about this place,” she said.

“Yeah, I hope you’re right,” Rick said.

“Me, too,” she said on The Walking Dead.

Deanna came to the front door. She said it was amazing to her how they were still like a family. Rick mentioned to her “You should you would have jobs for all of us.”

On The Walking Dead, she said that she had said that, but “I just haven’t told you what they are yet.” She had one in mind for Rick, “but I just haven’t figured out Mr. Dixon yet,” she added.

When The Walking Dead came back from the commercial break, Michonne sat in a chair with a book, talking to Deanna. “We’re ready for this,” she said.

“All of you?” Deanna asked.

“All of us,” Michonne replied.

On The Walking Dead, Rick told Daryl “Lori and me, we used to drive through neighborhoods like this, thinking that one day…”

“Well, here we are,” Daryl said.

Then, on The Walking Dead, Rick ran in a panic, wondering where his baby daughter and Carl had gotten off to. Jessie said that Judith was probably with these grandparents, Natalie and Bob Miller, who had several children and grandchildren, which she was. Jessie asked Rick if it was okay for Carl to come over and see her boys, which Rick agreed to.

Later on The Walking Dead, Carl told his dad “I like these people, but they’re weak.”

That night, with all of the survivors together again on The Walking Dead, Michonne told Rick “Deanna hasn’t given me a job yet.” Rick said “Do you want one?”

Michonne said that she did. Rick said “While we’re both awake, why don’t we take a walk.”

“You’re Rick,” a man sitting on a porch in the darkness of the night said. “My wife cut your hair. Welcome to Alexandria.”

Rick seemed to be a bit disconcerted, but possibly for no reason. The Walking Dead went to yet more commercials as Rick was in bed, staring up at the ceiling.

The Walking Dead returned from break with Carol being recorded, saying that she did “laundering and gardening” for her husband.

“Do you have any idea where you’ll fit in?” Deanna asked her.

“I’d like to be involved with the Junior League,” Carol said on The Walking Dead. “I’m a real ‘people person.'”

In another recording on The Walking Dead, Glenn said “We really have to make this work.”

“Why?” Deanna asked him.

“Because…we were almost out there too long,” he answered.

Outside the window of his house on The Walking Dead, Carl saw a boy climbing over the protective wall. Carl seemed curious as to why the teen boy would do such a thing. Carl followed the boy outside of the walls, but the lost track of him.

On The Walking Dead, in the morning, Aidan introduced himself to Rick, Noah, and the others. He mentioned he had been with the Army ROTC.

They would be going “on a dry run,” outside the walls. He gave them guns, but not the high caliber ones that they had gotten used to using.

On The Walking Dead Rick saw a walker and he paused, deciding not to shoot him. Rick went to where he had hidden a gun, but it was no longer there. Somebody had removed it. Rick took out a knife he had and he and Carl killed four walkers. One on the ground underneath something, maybe sheet metal, grabbed Rick’s leg. Carl dispatched it with a pole through the head. Then, The Walking Dead went to another break.

The Walking Dead came back, and Aidan, Deanna’s son, told them they were going out 53 miles and going in a circular radius. Aidan talked about having lost three men last month. “Here on, you do exactly what I say,’ he said. He told the survivors that they had “strung up” one of the men. “We are not going to let him go,” he said.

“What the expletive!” Aidan yelled out. He had pushed the walker almost on top of Tara, who began ripping off the walker’s skin as it continued to try to get her.

“Yeah, what the expletive! You almost got her killed!” Glenn said, about Tara.

“You will follow my orders out there,” Aidan told Glenn. They had a fight, and then Glenn knocked Aidan down and Daryl got on top of Nicholas and began choking him.

Deanna came running and said that “Rick and all of his group are our equals! Understood?”

“I told you I had a job for you,” Deanna said. “I’d like you to be our constable. That’s what you were; that’s what you are. And you, too,” she said, about Michonne. They both agreed.

“And thank you,” Deanna told Rick.

“For what?” he said.

“For knocking him on his expletive,” she said. The words that Rick had spoken were then played again. and Rick told the others “I think we can start sleeping on our own, settle in.”

Carol said “If we start sleeping on our own and let our guards down, we’ll get weak,”

Rick told her “That won’t happen. That’s what Carl said. “If they can’t make it work, we’ll just take the place.”

In The Walking Dead episode, Remember, Rick and the other survivors are forced to remember what their past lives had been like and what led them to where they now were, by the interviews and recordings that Deanna did with each of them. Carol was very careful about what she said, trying to underplay her fighting skills and make it seem as if she had been accepted into the group because of her laundering and cooking skills. Doubtless, Rick and his buds also remembered what had happened every time they had tried to settle down in the past. Be sure to tune in next week to find out what happens next on The Walking Dead!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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