Hyperloop the Future of Transportation

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Hyperloop transportation systems could be introduced in the United States in the near future. In the year 2013, Elon Musk, a billionaire investor and the CEO of Tesla Motors, made public his design and investment into the visionary full tilt transit system named Hyperloop. Musk is engaged presently with the experts at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), although he is not associated with HTT in any way.

A company which was started by Dirk Ahborn and JumpStartFund, which is an online incubator funded by the crowd and online users, HTT has publicized their plans to create a track which is close to 5 miles long to test the Hyperloop. Presuming all things go as planned with the construction of Hyperloop, the system is scheduled for its first trial run in 2016 in Quay Valley, CA.

Commuting time between San Francisco and Los Angeles could be reduced to half an hour with the revolutionary design, and the mode of commuting would reach speeds of up to 800 miles per hour. More information was shared about the working of the hyperloop transportation system. It will run on electromagnetic force using air blades, pods and tubes which would be without any drag, meaning that they would be friction free. Work on a more compact version of Hyperloop will start by next year. This compact version of the Hyperloop will reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. It is estimated that the compact version of the Hyperloop will reportedly cost close to $100 million. By the year 2019, it is expected to be ready and become fully operational.

hyperloopMusk had challenged the engineers at HTT to build a tube commuting system without friction. The engineers took on the challenge thrown by Musk, of literally making a transportation system which is without any sort of friction. Acquiring the copyright for Musk’s futuristic commuting system Hyperloop, the company planned on following through with the building of a five mile long test track in Quay Valley, a proposed modern solar powered city, located in Kings County, CA.

As the hyperloop technology project is expected to be in its testing phase quite soon, it could be said that Hyperloop has the potential to transform the idea of transportation and travelling in the near future. The technology needs a grid of stainless steel tubes to be built, set-up on shafts which are resistant to earthquakes, while being heightened above ground level. The top speed of the bullet trains today get restricted due to friction.  However, the hyperloop commuting network would implement reduction of resistance, by using extremely low air pressure with the hyperloop tubes applying a ‘skiing’ technique on air, instead of using wheels.

In a nutshell, the hyperloop technology is slated to be the kind of technology shown in various sci-fi movies. If it becomes real, it will be the cheap and fast mode of transport that the world needs today. The idea that hyperloop transportation technology could be introduced in the United States in the near future has thrilled people. It will be a path-breaking solution to the shortage of resources and time faced by everyone.

By Ankur Sinha

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