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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead season finale, according to leaked rumors, will feature a lot of tragic bloodshed, but viewers who will find it heartbreaking, as an alternative, can enjoy some of the show’s happy moments, as well as fun facts. For the rumors, in an interview with Entertainment weekly, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd revealed some heartbreaking spoilers that may be going around, such as whether Glenn, played by Steven Yeun, or Daryl portrayed by Norman Reedus will live out the end of this season, or if Rick will be exiled by the community. But for the ones who would rather wait until the start of the show, here are some fun facts to note:

Alexandria is an actual community

This area is known as Gin Property, and it is a development located in Senoia, Georgia. At one point, during filming of an episode of The Walking Dead, the cameras had to be stopped in order for a mail truck to go through and make delivery to the local residents, who happen to live in those houses on the set.

Woodbury’s proximity

This The Walking Dead locale features another fun fact to know when watching the season finale. The town of Woodbury is actually located directly across the tracks from Alexandria. This makes it an added convenience for the actors and staff who can effortlessly make it from one set to another.

Gin Property Development

Another fun fact to share on The Walking Dead Series Finale is that this area featured on set was developed by president of Raleigh Studios Atlanta, Scott Tigchelaar. It is the home-base for the series and as Hurd explains, was built specifically for use as a set.

The wall is there to stay for a while

When someone buys a home in a given development, they agree to abide by the CC&R’s (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) placed before them. This means they are not allowed to object to the condition of being surrounded by wall, even one as high as 15 feet, like the one that is built to simulate the Alexandria of the comic books. The studio, according to Newman Times-Herald, has a permit that is good until November 30, 2015 and can be renewed annually for the next four years. Not such good news for residents.

While filming TV shows in neighborhoods is commonplace, what often makes it difficult for the producers is being respectful of the privacy of the residents, and not obstructing day-to-day life in and around the neighborhood. Even more challenging is when fans living nearby get a sneak peek and try to spread rumors about cast members and reveal spoilers. However, Hurd comments, the wall around the neighborhood does have its advantages as it serves as a deterrent to people outside the vicinity who want to peek in on the houses to see what is going on.

While homeowners are not too happy about this horrific monstrosity surrounding their homes, they make the best of the situation. Most of the time if a particular house is being used for a set, the owner will temporarily relocate. Besides, while watching The Walking Dead season finale, it can be fun for a resident to know interesting facts about his or her own neighborhood.

by Bill Ades

International Business Times
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