Air Canada Plane Which Skidded Off Runway Hit Antenna

Air Canada

The Air Canada plane, which skidded off the runway, was reported to have hit an antenna array before its landing, according to Mike Cunningham, the regional manager of the air investigations. On Saturday, the Air Canada flight left Toronto shortly before 9 p.m., carrying five crew members and 133 passengers. The flight was scheduled to arrive early Sunday morning, shortly after midnight.

The pilots stated that although there was a snowstorm, they were in control of plane up until the landing. Upon landing, Cunningham said the landing gear of the aircraft came off and the plane skidded on the runway. Even though a snowstorm was taking place at the time, he could not determine if the weather was a factor. At the time of the landing of Air Canada’s flight A320, 23 passengers sustained injuries; however, all but one had been released from the hospital by Sunday afternoon. No other new information has been provided other than the Air Canada flight having hit the array of antennas when skidding off the runway.

By Bill Ades

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