Twitter Explodes After ‘Spilled Tea’ Episode of RHOA

Spilled Tea

The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) took a break for Oscar night but returned with a vengeance on Sunday. Fans took to social media to express their views of Sunday’s episode which was appropriately titled, Spilled Tea. It seems Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore were the two cast members who caused the biggest Twitter explosion with their catty and childish behavior. Phaedra, who took a swing at Kenya, was not far behind, but seemed to be the recipient of much-needed support.

The episode prior to March 1st resulted in Kandi and Todd’s marital issues being center of discussion for social media. Kandi later expressed remorse in airing her dirty marital laundry on the show. In the Spilled Tea episode Kandi received a bit of criticism for her lack of support to her friend Phaedra in the heat of all she has gone through. However, Kandi stated she has been caught up in her own issues along with necessary traveling for business needs.

One well-known comedian and social media blogger known as Funky Dineva said the amount of drama seen on RHOA cannot be real. He added, no one lives like this and keeps returning for more. This franchise has always been known for its heightened dramatic outbursts, but lately things have gotten way out of control. There is never a time when these ladies are together for a peaceful outing or social event that is void of drama.

The Spilled Tea episode was not long into its airtime when Cynthia was witnessed sharing gossip she heard from her husband about Phaedra having an alleged affair. Social media has not been quiet about their disdain for the messy character Cynthia has transitioned into. She used to be one of the housewives that remained neutral and made every attempt to dodge drama. This season Cynthia seems to be one of the main ingredients in the show’s ongoing drama.

Following NeNe and Cynthia’s friendship demise, the model teamed up with cast member Kenya Moore and has lost many fans due to her behavior. During a wine tasting Cynthia set up for Kenya, Claudia and herself, she felt it necessary to share gossip about Phaedra and the alleged extra-marital affair. According to Apollo, by way of Peter, Phaedra was supposedly having an affair with an African man called Chocolate. It seems Cynthia could not wait to share the gossip which, according to Phaedra, she never fact checked.

As soon as the accusations departed Cynthia’s lips Kenya immediately went into her usual victim mode. She never ceases to amaze the viewers, even as a contestant on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, of how much she claims to be victimized. Within minutes of hearing the news, Kenya started crying and shaking because she was so upset that Phaedra would accuse of her something she allegedly was doing herself.

According to social media, Kenya has the reputation of being a disgusting, self-serving and vindictive woman who will do anything for attention and the mighty dollar. She will go out of her way to be ruthless in her attacks while instantly claiming victim status when no one embraces her foolishness. After a poll on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Now the fans are over Kenya and her crazy antics.

The old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together” rings true for the newly characterized Cynthia Bailey. She was never identified as the messy one but is now the runner-up for the crown. Whatever the situation is with Phaedra and her soon to be ex-husband Apollo, it has nothing at all to do with Cynthia. She knew Kenya would take the information and make it bigger than it needed to be and decided she should spill the tea on Phaedra.

This season has been rough for Phaedra who is in the midst of transition as she adopts a new normal as a single parent. The last episode revealed a tumultuous encounter the attorney experienced with Apollo at her home. As a result she temporarily relocated to a hotel where she and her children remained until confirmation was received that Apollo had indeed been checked into prison.

Her storyline on the Spilled Tea episode centered on her being stressed out over the recent events and learning to navigate parenthood in light of her husband’s unfortunate encounter with the law. Being the daughter of a preacher she decided it best to have a minister come to her home and expel any unwanted demons Apollo left behind. After this, she received a surprise visit from Kandi and was invited to attend a dinner fellowship with the other ladies.

It was during this outing that Cynthia, again, against her better judgment chose to share the news she received in the company of all the cast members. What was obvious, not only to the other ladies but also the fans, was how uncomfortable Cynthia was as she attempted to put the gossip on the table for discussion. She could not even look up as she stuttered painfully through the accusations. It was not long before Kenya jumped in and commenced to verbally attacking Phaedra when suddenly the tired and stressed out Phaedra Parks stood up and took a swing at the former Miss USA.

Cast members jumped in to restrain Phaedra before guiding her outside to regain her composure. It is unfortunate that these ladies cannot get together and enjoy each other’s company without a chaotic encounter such as this. Twitter exploded as fans expressed their disdain for Cynthia and Kenya and for many, their support of Phaedra and all she has endured during her time of transition.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


Atlanta Sun Times
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