Voice Begs Police for Help


A voice that soon disappeared pleaded to four officers from an overturned vehicle to “help me” 50 miles away from Salt Lake City, Utah this morning. Hearing a voice calling for help is what drove the police officers into action by running to the car to look for survivors . All the voice would say is “help me”. The upside down vehicle was forced onto its side and that is when they found the body of 25 year old Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck. Though the water temperature was between 20- 40 degrees cold, the four officers held fast and searched the back seat. This is where they found a miracle.

Hanging in her carseat, head inches away from the water, was an 18 month old girl. Groesbeck’s daughter Lynn was still holding on to her precious life. The officers and a few firefighter that showed up made a human bridge with their arms, ferrying the unconscious little girl to the shore person after person. The first responders began CPR upon reaching the shore away from the water. She was alive but barely, and received CPR until she was transported to the local hospital where she eventually regained consciousness. The 18 month old was labeled as being in critical condition.

A nearby neighbor told police that he had heard a loud crashing noise around 10:30 the previous night, but saw no signs of any kind of crash, so he went back inside thinking nothing of it. By the time of the crash, assuming that’s what the loud noise had been that night, and the discovery of Lily, it seems as though Lily had been alone with her dead mother for upwards of 14 hours. While the police get quite a bad wrap for brutalizing unarmed civilians around the country, the officers involved in the rescue of this precious little girl bring hope to even the most cynic critics of American Law Enforcement. Further investigation around the alleged crash site show no tire or brake marks in the pavement. At this point foul play is not expected to be the cause of this tragic accident.

Stories such as this make one gain back a much-needed reality check, and help to remind others that there are a number of things that people do not believe in that actually come true; not necessarily a life-saving voice. All police officers in the country are not dirty racist murderers like much mainstream media would lead one to believe. Many members of the police force are performing their job to the best of their ability, It is important to not let a few bad apples ruin the whole crop for everyone. One can imagine what America could be like with if all the police officers employed in this country were as courageous and self-less as these four. After getting out of the water, three officers and several firefighters  were Being treated like treated for hypothermia from exposure to the water.

In order to pay for funeral costs and Lily’s skyrocketing medical bills, Groesbeck’s surviving family have started a Gofundme campaign. At present, the Go Fund Me campaign has  accepted well over $47,000 though the goal was reached hours earlier once it surpassed $8,000. What all of the officers agree on though nobody can tell where it came from is the voice calling to them. One officer is quoted in saying that, “The voice that called help me was like in my head, but that voice was right here even though there was nobody saying it”. While  those brave police officers and fire fighters found nothing that could have used a voice in calling out to them from inside the wreckage, all four heard the same voice cry “help me”, and recall that it was definitely not the voice of a child. Some readers may think it was the voice of god that morning.

Others still may believe the mysterious voice was the voice of Lily’s dead mother; using her voice from beyond the grave. Sometimes in life people in accidents have a hard time getting to help before it is too late; but it seems as if Lily has a guardian angel or two looking after her.

By Benjamin Johnson



NY Daily News

Photo by Jon Feinstein – Flickr License