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HBO’s new streaming service, HBO Now, will be coming this April. HBO Now will initially premiere on only Apple products, but there is a very distinct possibility that HBO will get their new streaming service on more than just one platform. Coming early this April, the new streaming service will be out just in time for the premiere of the insanely popular series Game of Thrones. As well as the comedy Silicon Valley, which premieres the same night.

This is a brilliant move by HBO. They see the market moving more towards home streaming, rather than cable subscriptions, and they are deciding to get in on the action. Their target audience will be those who have forgone the cable subscriptions in favor of internet streaming. Their already is a streaming service available for people who have an HBO subscription, HBO Go. The difference between the two is that you will not need an HBO subscription for Now, but you will need to pay the monthly fifteen dollar subscription fee. They are looking to take a piece of the pie from streaming giant Netflix and Amazon.

The only downside I could see for the fledgling streaming platform, is the lack of content. Sure they have a plethora of original shows, such as Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, and Deadwood. The question though is; Can this new service really stand up to Netflix? Netflix has a seemingly endless supply of content, with some well received original content, lower monthly rate, and recognizable brand name as the king of streaming media. It is unclear as of yet whether content from Cinemax will be available for streaming on this new service.

The new service coming this April will initially only be available on Apple products. These two companies came together last year when the idea of a streaming service for people other than subscribers, was put to HBO from Apple. The news of the new app follows the news that Apple has decided to lower the price of Apple TV from 99 dollars to 69 dollars. At today’s Apple press conference, HBO CEO and chairman Richard Plepler has called this a “trans formative moment for HBO,” and who could disagree? This does seem like the best possible move for the company and will likely translate to continuing success for them in the future, as more and more people count on their computer rather than their television for their entertainment and news.

Even with the deal with Apple it is very possible that we could be seeing HBO Now on more than just Apple products. It would seem that HBO is in negotiations with other services tho get their new streaming service to the masses. This could mean that we will see Now on PCs, Galaxies, and Roku. The CEO has stated that they are “in discussion with its existing network of distributors.” This leaves the door wide open for possibilities in the future, but for the immediate future people can look forward to HBO Now coming this April.

Opinion by James Dixson


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