Yemen Cries for Help


Yemen is the poorest country in the middle east, and without a central government it is being split in half in a destructive, chaotic feud. The war is between the Arabian troops, extremist, and Iranian controlled rebels known as Houthis. Yemen cries for help as airstrikes from the Saudi troops were launched against the Houthis, that have began to gain more control over the country.

The war began to escalate once Yemen’s President and U.S. counter-terrorism operation advisers, were forced to leave the country for partnering against Al Qaeda’s affiliates within the country. With a collapsed central government and no U.S. fighters on the land, it has become harder for any type of counter-terrorism strategy to occur. However, Arabian troops on one side of the border and Iranian rebels getting control of the capital are leading the country to a civil war.

Moving the U.S. counter-terrorism operation advisers out of the country opens the doors to allow extremists to spark more chaos to the Yemeni citizens. Extremist getting control over the country is the biggest fear for American officials according to the New York times, due to past examples of the extremist taking over other poor countries. According to the White House America still has some connections to local fighters who were apart of the Yemen’s American-backed government, that can stop the extremist from excelling.

Saudi’s airstrike is a bad decision according to Iran. The Arabians told U.S. officials they were releasing the aircraft to protect the people of Yemen as well as its legitimate government from aggression of the Houthis, thereby answering their cry for help. The airstrike struck some parts near the capital where the Houthis had ceased control. Soon after the airstrike hit the Houthis began to generate a protest amongst their supporters, in the streets of the city to get more people of the country to join them to fight against the Arabians. Though the U.S. has no control over the Arabians decision, they are trying to come up with a way to bring the two sides together to resolve their differences before the extremists begin to rise and take over the country.

Saudi Arabia’s biggest fear is an expanded war with the Iranians. Since Iraq and Saudi Arabia are located on opposite sides of Yemen, who ever gains control of the country lies between both of them, or expansion of one country will occur. Other countries have began to get involve by helping with the equipment to support the Saudi Arabians to stop the Houthis from taking over Yemen, but the Houthis have claimed to have aircraft with missiles to fight back as well. Houthis are said to have support from Saleh who has previously ruled Yemen for three decades.

With the U.S. not having eyes and ears on the land they can only support Arab as much as they can. America’s goal is to figure out a way to try to make negotiations with the Arabs and Iranians to stop them from furthering anymore destruction, so the counter-terrorism strategy can begin to take effect. With both sides being upset the cry for help of Yemen is to find a strategy to get a government establishment secure for civilize order.

Opinion By Krystle Mitchell


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Photo By Martin Sojka – Flickr License

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