Zayn Malik Stress Might Be a Part of His Destiny


Zayn Malik has recently signed off from One Direction’s tour of Asia due to stress. The band will remain on tour to perform their last two shows in Manila and Jakarta. U.K. astrologer Russell Read wrote a horoscope for Malik, which stated he was destined to travel the stressful road he has found himself on, due to his zodiac sign of Capricorn. Rumors of him cheating on his fiance, Perrie Edwards, have begun to surface on the web. A photograph of the singer with a fan named Lauren Richardson at a party in Thailand swarmed the Internet, causing his love life to go downhill. According to Read’s written horoscope, the situation is only a part of the prolonged tension he will experience.

Malik and former band member, Louis Tomlinson, have also been on their heels to prevent losing ₤3000 each for getting caught promoting or using illegal drugs while performing in Manila. The potential fine is due to a video release showing the two of them smoking a rolled cigarette, possibly a joint, last year while they toured in Peru. Read’s prediction for Malik is for a year full of disruptions and hurdles.

He arrived home to rekindle his relationship with Perrie by allowing sources and family members to prove the photo taken with tourist Richardson was just for a fan to share with her friends. Soon after, Malik tweeted about his profound love for Perrie, and an Instagram photo of him asking for prayers was posted by his sister, who also claimed that hate remarks he received via the Internet caused him more stress.

One Direction quickly stopped the rumors of the singer’s stress, which Read believes he is destined to experience, by stating that the Instagram account was clearly a hoax, due to the amount of followers each account has. Indeeed, two accounts have been made with Malik’s sister’s name, one being @azad.waliyha with 52,000 followers, and the correct account, @waliyha.azad, having 383,000 followers. During the confusion, Read maintained that Malik left the concert at the end of the show because Capricorns are sensitive, idealistic, and dreamy, and not likely to be able to handle the limelight. Sources tell Huffington Post that the singer has a tougher time dealing with the limelight than the rest of the band, and it is causing him great anxiety.

Meanwhile, the supposed stressful path of destiny is at a halt, and Malik is said to be in a private location with his fiance in the UK, talking about the false perception of the photo he took with Richardson. The singer is home, safe in the UK, recuperating from the stressful week, while One Direction closed the last two shows with their wishes for Malik to get well soon. The band’s management had no problem letting Malik leave due to stress and ending the last two shows with remaining band members, and hopes the singer is able to return for One Direction’s tour in Africa.

If Read’s horoscope is true, the support and help of his family and friends will help the singer prepare for the next stressful crash that may lie ahead. Malik’s stress might be a part of his destiny, but it will not stop his efforts to make Perrie Edwards his wife.

By Krystle Mitchell

Unreality TV
Huffington Post

Photo By Fiona Mckinlay – Flickr License

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