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On American Idol tonight, April 1, 2015, the Top Elite 8 performed though nine competitors began at the start of the show, and the viewers of America voted to determine who would get sent home at the end of the episode. The musical performances were amazing, as the remaining competitors tried to give it their all to persuade the voters of America that they deserve to continue on and eventually earn the title of American Idol.

The host of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest, said “Be prepared for a brand-new twist on American Idol!” The competitors will all be singing Kelly Clarkson songs, and Kelly will also perform live. Ryan introduced the three judges, and the show began.

Ryan Seacrest asked for the results of the nation-wide vote, and Ruben Studdard from season two of American Idol brought out the envelope containing the results. “The Bottom Two will be up for an all-new Fan Save, and the power will be in your hands,” Ryan announced.

Ryan Seacrest said “After a nation-wide vote, the first person to move on will be Nick Fradiani!” Kelly Clarkson will be the mentor of all of the groups. Nick will be singing Catch My Breath. Kelly said “That is the hardest one on the show.”

Nick gave an outstanding performance of this Kelly Clarkson song. The audience clapped along as Nick sang, and he held them in the palms of his hands.

“I thought it was a great way to start the show! It was a great performance,” Jennifer Lopez said.

Harry told Nick “It wasn’t my favorite vocal, but it seemed as if you were here and comfortable, and that part, I liked.”

Ryan said “More live Idol right after this!” and American Idol went to its first break of the night.

After the break on American Idol, Ryan said “The next person to make it through after the vote is…” It was Jax. She will be singing Beautiful Disaster. “Oh, my goodness! You are an artist!” Kelly said about how Jax sang.

Jax gave an INCREDIBLE performance of this emotional, touching Kelly Clarkson song. She likely earned a spot in the Finals with her performance tonight. The audience erupted in cheers and applause after Jax finished, and her performance was definitely a highlight of the episode.

Harry said “It’s a very highly-produced piece of music. I think that Kelly would say I’m right, when I say that was fantastic!”

Keith said “I find a lot of inconsistency yet, but some of that comes from the things that you had to contend with. Within that, I see so much great artistry in you, Jax.” Then, American Idol went to another commercial break.

All of the Top Nine took the stage after the break singing Kelly’s hit, People Like Us. It was a terrific performance! The competitors went right up to audience members and pressed flesh with them as they sang. Their ensemble performance has to be considered yet another highlight of tonight’s American Idol.

Ryan told Tyanna Jones “You’re going to be on the stage again, because you’re going to be singing tonight.” The song that Tyanna chose was Mr. Know It All. She said that she chose it “because I was bullied.”

Kelly said to sing that song, “you have to bring a boldness to it.” Tyanna NAILED this Clarkson song, making it her own. She put her heart and soul into her performance tonight on American Idol. It qualified as one more highlight in this great episode.

Harry said “That song is a mysterious song. I don’t know anything about you — you’re a mystery to me.” He said that Jennifer said ‘It was almost like you were singing right to us.” He added “You sang that lyric as well as you could sing it, I guess.”

Keith said “It’s a real mix of self-empowerment, but it’s also sad. Your talent is undeniable, though.”

Jennifer said “You reminded everybody that you have amazing pipes, so don’t worry.” More commercials ensued.

When American Idol returned, Ryan Seacrest read the next results. “The next person to move on based on the nation-wide vote is Joey Cook.” She said she wanted to sing Miss Independent. She put her own special spin to this cool song.

Jennifer said “That was one of the best performances of the night! You’re in your own lane and do your own thing.”

Harry said “You get an A+ from me for the arrangement.”

Then, Ryan Seacrest introduced Kelly Clarkson, who song Heartbeat Song from her latest album, Piece by Piece. Kelly has such a powerful spellbinding voice — she gave a performance that was, yes, another highlight of tonight’s episode of American Idol.

After Kelly sang, Ryan announced the next person to be moving on — Quentin Alexander. Quentin will be singing Clarkson’s hit, Dark Side. Kelly told him “You portray everything without even trying. It’s your eyes.”

Quentin captured the beauty of this Clarkson song with his powerful vocals. The audience held their hands over their heads, clapping. Quentin rocked the song out!

Jennifer said “I think they liked it! I liked it — you know what songs fit you. I’m so glad we saved you!” He was actually a Wild Card, though….

Keith said “Real beauty is in truth, and that’s how you perform, with truth.”

Harry said “You’re a great lyric interpreter, but you need to learn more about harmony and chords. You need to work on the technical as well as the creative parts.” More great songs followed yet another commercial break on American Idol.

“After the nation-wide vote, the next person who will sing and compete for your votes is… Qaasim!” He will be singing the Kelly Clarkson song, Stronger. He will be singing it far differently than Kelly does, a more pared-down, acoustic version. He played the guitar as he sang, and he performed an intimate version of the song.

The judges found some good things to say about Qaasim’s performance, but they did not seem super enthusiastic about how well he did. Will Qaasim move on past next week?

Kelly Clarkson sang At Last by Etta James after more commercials. She KILLED this classic song, and the runs she included were amazing.

Clark Beckham took the stage on American Idol next. He performed The Trouble With Love Is. Kelly told him him to focus and connect with the audience. “I love this song, this is totally my style,” Clark said.

Clark KILLED this Clarkson song, in a very good way. The audience clapped along as he sang, WAILING on the vocals, delivering the goods. Jennifer stood up and applauded.

Keith said “Really, really good! Your bar is way up here. Lead with the feeling, because your tone of voice is just beautiful!”

Jennifer said “I was woozy from head-to-toe.”

Harry said “You took a Kelly Clarkson song, and followed Kelly Clarkson with a Kelly Clarkson song, and you NAILED it!”

Ryan Seacrest said that Daniel Seavey and Rayvon Owen were the Bottom Two. After more commercials on American Idol, they will be singing for the first “Fan Save” ever from viewers across America.

Daniel Seavey sang Break Away after the break on American Idol. He gave what was probably one of his better performances, but will it be enough to convince the viewers of America to keep him on?

“That was a super-hard song. You did okay with it,” Jennifer said. Keith and Harry echoed her sentiments, not seeming to think he did that great of a job singing it.

Rayon Owen went next on American Idol. He will be performing Kelly’s song, Since U Been Gone. He started out singing it slowly and gave a very mellow performance, with the audience applauding at various times, and cheering, as he sang.

Harry said “You have all chops, but where is your gravy? I keep wanting to hear your gravy.”

Keith said “That was one of the best for you, as far as choosing the song.”

Jennifer said “Keep digging, keep pushing.” American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, had both Daniel Seavey and Rayvon Owen come onto the stage with him. Viewers across America had five minutes to vote and determine which of the two got saved by the “Fan Save.”

Ryan Seacrest announced the results after the commercial break. First, he asked Keith what his opinion was, and he said “You both did really, really well.” Jennifer said “You both have your own brand of star quality. You’re both amazing.”

Ryan said “The person who gets the Idol Fan Save and stays in the competition is…Rayvon! You did it! You’re alive for another week!”

What an intense, exciting, episode of American Idol, filled with some amazing performances of the remaining competitors singing Kelly Clarkson hits! Clarkson’s songs may or may not be everybody’s “cup of tea,” but all of the competitors did their best to make her songs their own tonight. Many of the performances really stood out, like those of Joey Cook, Tyanna Jones, Jax, and Clark Beckham, as a few examples. The first Idol Fan Save ever capped off another fantastic episode of American Idol.

Written By Douglas Cobb

(The sound quality of these videos for some reason did not turn out to be very good, but these recordings should give viewers an idea of how well the performers sang.)

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