Streaming Music Hits New Level When Music Artists Collaborate for Tidal

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Since its debut on Monday, the new music service owned by artist Jay-Z and others has claimed to put streaming music into a whole new level, with hit music and exclusives that promise to be high quality, as artists collaborate to create the business. But so far, the users are less than impressed and Tidal is getting a bad reputation. Though streaming music promises to be high quality when using Tidal, the service is only at the beginning of its making and the artists have been working to tame the backlash. Until Tidal is well-established and well liked by users, the whole thing may end up being a flop.

Tidal is a “high-fidelity” music streaming experience which forgoes the traditional route of streaming music in trade of a subscription service that will supposedly allow artists to get a share of the equity, as the platform is owned by artists. Jay-Z stated that he hoped the platform would allow artists to gain more respect, as he stated that music was not free though the artists are not given their full dues. Monday was when the artists currently involved held a short press conference in which every artist signed the “declaration” for their mission in Tidal. They promised that the streaming music experience would be forever changed by Tidal, as Alicia Keys gave a speech about what the artists’ hoped Tidal would accomplish.

Beside Jay-Z and Alicia Keys in signing the declaration, was also Beyonce, two members of Arcade Fire, Kanye West, Daft Punk, Madonna, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Jack White, Calvin Harris, Jason Aldean, Jay Cole, Dead Mouse (deadmau5), Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and Usher. During the press conference it was announced that part of their mission to re-establish the value of music and create a place that brings artists and fans together. The statements made about Tidal definitely brought excitement about streaming music.

Then following Tidal’s debut, many actually lost excitement and began criticizing the platform. Users have said that the design of Tidal ripped off Spotify, and that the music is high quality but at a high price, compared to other services that offer streaming music. Users also stated that there is not as much available as they would like, which news sources have stated is one of Jay-Z’s biggest challenges – to get artists and record companies to collaborate with them so that Tidal can reach a new level of streaming music, when more hit artists become involved.

ABC News stated that artists are not likely to get high royalties in the beginning, however. Though Tidal promises to pay artists higher royalties than the competitors who pay based on advertising, until the platform gains more users they will not be paying out much. As royalties work when a song is played by a specific artist, Tidal owners must first get the artists involved and then get the users involved.

Based on reports by the RIAA, people are now more willing to pay for subscriptions, as the numbers went up 25 percent in 2014, but with so much competition and now so much criticism, Tidal could be facing a long road. Streaming music is entertaining and convenient for users, and now may be beneficial for artists as well, which is why Tidal may just be a success. One thing about Tidal has been promised, though – streaming music will definitely hit a new level when artists come together to collaborate for a better music platform.

By Crystal Boulware


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