‘American Idol’: Sensational Six Perform [Recap]

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On American Idol tonight, the Sensational Six remaining competitors performed, in the hopes that the viewers of America will vote for them and they will get to move on to next week’s show. The Sensational Six sang arena anthems, rocking the American Idol studio audience out. One of the finalists was eliminated at the conclusion of the episode — to find out who it was, read on!

American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, recapped last week’s show. Then, he declared “We’re about to throw it down once again, because this is American Idol!”

With the Sensational Six finalists on the American Idol stage, Seacrest said “There are your Top Six finalists, ladies and gentlemen!”

Seacrest did not waste any time reading the first of the results from an envelope. He said that America voted for Jax. Jax sang Are You Gonna Be My Girl, and she sang an AMAZING version of it!

Jennifer told her it was “a really good way to open up the show!”

Harry told Jax that he “was starting to get an idea what one of your concerts would be like.” He talked about “wanting to buy a ticket for one.”

After a commercial break on American Idol, host Ryan Seacrest introduced the next musical artist America voted for to move on, Nick Fradiani. Nick performed the song, Harder to Breathe.

Jennifer Lopez told Nick “It seems to me you’re getting more and more comfortable. You had them in the palms of your hands.”

Harry said “It’s scary how you’re getting better and better.”

Clark Beckham also made it through on American Idol. The first song that he chose to sing tonight was the Beatles’ hit, Yesterday. He did the song justice, and packed a lot of emotion into his version of it.

Harry liked that Beckham did not “sing high notes gratuitously.”

Keith exclaimed, “When you show your vulnerability, it’s amazing!”

When American Idol returned after still more commercials, host Ryan Seacrest announced that the next person who was moving on based on the votes of America was…Tyanna Jones! Tyanna sang Party In the USA by Miley Cyrus.

Keith said he preferred it when Tyanna sang songs that have “a little more weight” to them. However, Jennifer said she thought that Tyanna did a “really great job,” and Harry told her she was “smart” to “sing this song.”

American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, said that Rayvon Owen and Quentin Alexander were in the Bottom Two. After another commercial break, they will sing and one of them will move on and one will be eliminated.

Ryan announced “First up, fighting for their life in this competition, is…Quentin Alexander!” Alexander said “I definitely admire my mother.” He hopes to be one day able to pay his mother back for everything she has done for him.

Quentin Alexander sang Light My Fire by The Doors. While there can only be one Jim Morrison, Quentin did a pretty good job singing this classic rock hit.

Jennifer told him “Listen, for me, I always feel I want a little bit more vocal POW, you know what I mean?”

Harry said “What I really dug…I thought the stank came in the arrangement. The band did what I thought was a great arrangement. It sounded cool; it was nice.”

Keith told him “Plankton can’t swim against the current. You’re so cool – you’re anti-plankton.”

Next, Rayvon Owen sang on American Idol. He said that his mom sacrificed a lot for him. “I’m getting close. It’s within my reach to get everything I need to pay her back.”

Rayvon performed the Sam Smith song I’m Not the Only One. It was a really great song choice for him, and it fitted his voice really well.

When American Idol returned from the break, Harry said “You knocked it out of the park.”

Keith said “If no one had ever heard it, that version you did would be a hit.”

Jennifer said “With vocals like that, it just might happen that you will wind up on the top.”

Ryan Seacrest said that the finals would be in just three more weeks. Then, Nick Fradiani again took the stage, and he sang a rousing, energetic version of Maggie May. He jammed out on the guitar as he sang this Rod Stewart hit.

Keith said “It’s like you’re really taking everything to heart!”

Jennifer told him “I thought it was a really good song choice for you. It’s all about making moments. Think about that.”

Harry said “Do you think you could sustain a two or three hour show out on the road?”

Nick answered “I know I can do that. I have done it.”

Harry said “I know you can too.”

Then, American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, said “Now, more music from Tyanna!”

Tyanna sang the Bryan Adams song, Heaven. She was in a beautiful gown as she sang, and her voice sounded, fittingly, angelic.

Jennifer said “I liked this. It wasn’t perfect, but you looked so elegant. I think it was a good job.”

Harry asked her “What type of music, in a nutshell, would you record on your first album?”

Tyanna said “I actually feel more natural when I sing this type of songs.”

Keith told her “You have a beautiful voice, baby, you really do.”

After still more commercials, when American Idol came back on, host Ryan Seacrest introduced Clark Beckham, who sang the Justin Bieber song Boyfriend for his second song of the night.

Harry said “For me, what Justin Bieber did was make the song sound sexy. To me, that was not the right song for you to be singing.”

Keith told him “You have to feel it from a different place. It’s not raw and dangerous, like Bieber is.”

Jennifer said “This week was supposed to be arena anthems. For Bieber, I guess it is — but, I don’t think it was the right song for you tonight.”

When American Idol returned, Ryan Seacrest said “Up next is Jax, ladies and gentlemen!”

Jax sang White Flag and gave a remarkable performance of it! She played the piano as she sang. Her voice sounded as terrific as it ever has sounded, and she NAILED this song!

Keith told her “I was completely riveted. That was just great.”

Jennifer said “That was EXACTLY what you needed to do right now. You’re in sync as an artist. That was so beautiful for you!”

Harry told her “It was phenomenal! Great song choice — what can I say?”

As American Idol came back, host Ryan Seacrest announced that Quentin Alexander would be the first person to perform, to try to get a “save.” Quentin performed the song Shake It Out. He was surrounded by fog on the stage, and his voice was powerful and he sang with a ton of emotion.

Jennifer said “Hey, Quentin — I’m such a fan of yours. I want to go watch when you have a concert. Congratulations!”

Harry asked him a question. “What happens when you sing out-of-tune? Would you let yourself be auto-tuned?”

Quentin said “No, I would not. If I make a mistake and sing out-of-tune, I would own it.”

Keith told him he had good “artistic instincts.”

Rayvon was the final performer to sing tonight on American Idol. Rayvon sang the ultra-cool Fleetwood Mac song, Go Your Own Way. He ROCKED the song OUT! Rayvon just might have “saved” himself, yet again, with his performance.

Harry asked him if he would allow himself to be guided by a record producer, and he replied that he would allow himself to be guided.

Jennifer told him “It was a great way to finish the show! You’re such a fighter! It was a really good performance for you, really good!”

Then, host Ryan Seacrest started the clock. The viewers of America had five minutes to choose to “save” either Rayvon or Quentin. American Idol headed to another commercial break.

Finally, the moment had arrived for Ryan Seacrest to announce who would be moving on and who was eliminated. Ryan said “It’s time to find out who gets the final ‘Fan Save’ of the season!”

On American Idol, host Ryan Seacrest asked Rayvon and Quentin for their final thoughts, and also comments from the judges. Then he announced that Rayvon would be moving on, based on the Twitter vote, and he will be guaranteed a spot singing on the American Idol Summer Tour. Ryan told him “You did it again!”

On American Idol, the Sensational Six performed tonight, and did their best to get the votes of the viewers of America. They each sang twice, giving some of this season’s best performances so far. For both Quentin Alexander and Rayvon Owen, it was an uphill battle tonight, as they both tried to prevent themselves from being eliminated. Quentin Alexander gave a couple of fantastic performances, as did Rayvon, but Rayvon earned the Fan Save tonight, and he will be moving on to next week on American Idol.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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